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Fitness Swellness: Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee race recap

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Fitness Swellness: My Fall 2019 Running Goals


So…I planned on running one marathon this fall…and now I’m running TWO, and just two weeks apart.

I’m swear I’m not crazy. OK, maybe a little… This wasn’t my plan, tbh. I planned on one and for many years I’ve wanted to run the Detroit Marathon. I’ve never been and it looks like there’s great art and food to discover there, plus I love that the marathon crosses the border!

Then, although I’d been invited  months ago to participate in the Istanbul Marathon in November, I didn’t think the trip would happen. And then it was just confirmed last week!

So why not just run Istanbul? I don’t think I can plan on Istanbul being a great goal race for time. I’ll be jetlagged. I’ll want to take photos along the route. I want to enjoy running in such an amazing city, not focus solely on my race time.

And with that, I’ve added Detroit as my goal race. I’m not thrilled that it’s just two weeks prior to Istanbul. I’ve run two marathons a month apart. I’ve run a marathon and half-marathon one week later. And a marathon and a 10k raee one week later. But two marathons just two weeks apart is new for me, and I will admit even I think I’ve taken on a bit much…

But I got tips from Nike running coach Brittany Moran on how to plan for those two weeks (I’ll post about that soon).  And as I mentioned, my plan is to run Istanbul just to complete it and enjoy it (as much as one can enjoy running for 42.2 kilometres….).

Anyhoo! Right now I’m focused on getting into shape for Detroit! Summer’s flying by and now I feel like I started training last week a tad too late! I’ve been pretty relaxed with running this year, so it’s time to get serious. I’d love to PB in Detroit…

We are now just shy of 13 weeks until Detroit Marathon, which crosses country borders, and 15 weeks until I run the world’s only transcontinental marathon, Istanbul Marathon!

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