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Healthy Swellness: Win a trip for 2 to Jamaica from Nasacort Allergy 24HR!

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As much as we all can’t wait for spring to arrive each year, with it, for some of us, comes nasal allergy symptoms. And I speak from personal experience. In fact, I’m sniffling right now. While my symptoms are pretty minor this season, in the past I’ve wanted to lock myself in a bubble boy-like chamber straight through to the middle of summer. The sneezing, runny nose and congestion becomes all consuming and the only thing you want is relief. 

And chances are you feel my pain: nearly one-quarter of Canucks suffer from allergy rhinitis. It all goes beyond an itchy or runny nose and congestion, though. Consider how your allergies impact your life. Research shows that it could zap you of energy, and even contribute to memory loss (both of which will affect your work and social life), to name just a few ways it can rule your quality of life.

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One effective way to get relief and return to living your best life? Nasacort Allergy 24HR. As its name suggests, it works for 24 hours at relieving you of allergy symptoms. It’s safe to use daily (as it is non-addictive and is not drowsy). It’s also available without a prescription so relief could be yours easily.

Regardless of if you suffer from nasal allergies or not, Nasacort wants to help one lucky winner find relief and help them keep up with their lifestyle. Not in the form of a lifetime supply of Nasacort but consider it a way to a much sunnier outlook: they are giving away a trip for two to Jamaica to Sandals Negril including flights and accommodation. Having been to Jamaica twice, I can attest to the fact that some time here will help relieve you in many ways.

If you’re set to pump up your allergy relief and are ready to enter the Nasacort giveaway, click on over to the Nasacort site to enter to win now! This spring don’t let allergies get the best of you, and what better way to add relief to your life than a Jamaican getaway provided by Nasacort Allergy 24H. Enter right now before you forget to!

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Enjoy an aperitivo

(A glass of wine and some local cheeses — in fact, the server pointed in the direction of the town where the cheese came from when he described the choices to me — with a view of Pallazzo Pitti in Florence.)

One of my favourite things about my recent trip to Italy? Aperitivo. A pre-dinner drink so you can relax and whet your appetite for dinner? Sign me up. This was one local tradtition I had no problem incorporating into my daily schedule as soon as I arrived (and I’ve continued with the habit somewhat since returning home).

So this new research finding is particularly welcome:

Moderate drinking (that’s defined as one per week and no more than three daily for women) is linked to a higher quality of life compared to those who don’t drink at all.


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