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Healthy Swellness: Making sleep a priority

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Although I’ve gone through periods of insomnia, for the most part, I”m a pretty good sleeper. I fall asleep quickly, and generally stay asleep through the night. My main issue is that I don’t make sleep a priority. I’m naturally a night owl and spoke to sleep experts a couple of years ago about this, and one doctor noted that my main problem is just not valuing sleep enough.

And he is right about that. I always see more things to get done on my to-do list, or there’s another TV show I want to watch, or maybe there’s something super, super important someone posted on Instagram that I must see ASAP (PSA: there never is). And yet I continue to struggle with making sleep a priority, and that’s even knowing that my body needs that downtime to recuperate. Knowing that it’d help with my running. And knowing it’d help me feel refreshed for the day instead of like I need an IV of coffee to get me feeling human.

And so, this year I’m looking to make sleep more of a priority. Self care is so important and I need to make that my focus. My goal is to get a good eight-hours of sleep a night, on a regular schedule. This will not be an easy task; I’ve been struggling with this ever since writing that article about being a night owl.

But I’m going to approach it with a plan now. I’m going to set an alarm to remind me to start winding my night down with taking Billie Jean for her evening walk, doing my nighttime beauty routine, etc. And I’m going to make my bedroom a sleeping haven with a new mattress and pillows. My current mattress is probably about a decade old and there’s definitely at least one spring out of place.

To replace it, I’m welcoming an Endy mattress and pillows into my home. Why Endy? To start, I like that there’s a 100-day trial period; I’ve always found it hard to judge from a quick lie-down in a store. This Canadian company (another selling point!) also features three layers of foam, which I hear are medium firm (I tend to prefer a decent level of firmness). Another standout feature? I run really warm; I’m not a furnace like I used to be (that was thanks to my overactive thyroid) but still warmer than most folks.So Endy’s top layer, infused with cooling gel, is designed to release body heat. Plus, its foam is non-temperature-sensitive—so while other foam mattresses sink in the summer and feel like a rock in the winter, Endy retains the same firmness year-round.

Stay tuned for updates on how it goes with my new soon-to-arrive Endy and whether I become the sleeping beauty I aim to become.

The Sleep Shirt_BlueOx_ShortSleepShirt_HangerFrontOpen

Also, this probably calls for some cute new pyjamas, too, don’t you think? I’ve been coveting the Sleep Shirt for more than a  year now…

Disclosure: I am an Endy partner and am receiving Endy products for review.

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Dream away a bad day

Having a day from hell? Getting a good night’s sleep (so that you get some REM dream sleep) may help the day not seem so awful says a new study from the University of California, Berkeley. Dreaming, it seems, helps take the edge off of those painful memories — the study found that during REM, we have lower levels of stress hormones in the brain, which helps act like a soothing balm for your bad-day emotional state upon waking up the next day.

(And for your sleepytime? Some cute and comfy boxers — these ones above are from Aerie.)

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Making a.m. yoga bearable

Does a 6 a.m. yoga class sound like a nightmare to you? I’m totally with ya, but a pair of leggings from Bamjamz, a new Canadian line of sleepwear available exclusively at Holt Renfrew, may help make the notion of getting out of bed and into sun salutations a little easier to wrap your head around.

The sleep wear collection’s made of a blend of bamboo, certified organic stretch cotton and spandex, which translates into a super soft fabric that’s breathable, moisture-wicking, odour-controlling and temperature-regulating.

All of which makes the leggings ideal for yoga practice, meaning you could literally roll out bed in these babies and head straight into hatha class.

Switch into a proper yoga top, though (the tunic and shoulderstand are not a good combo, unless wardrobe malfunction is what you’re aiming for).

From $64.

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