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Fitness Swellness: Philadephia Marathon report in Canadian Running magazine

Canadian Running July August 2014

One of my favourite marathons I’ve run? The Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon. If you’re trying to choose a fall marathon to run, I highly recommend it. You can read more about the race, where to stay and where to carb up, check out my piece in the July/August 2014 issue of Canadian Running.

2 Comments June 25, 2014

Travel Swellness: 5 musts for guys visiting Philly

Federal Donuts strawberry lavender donut

This lovely treat here? Just one of the spots I think guys must visit in Philadelphia. (In fact, I’m pretty sure girls need to visit the top 5 I’ve gathered in this article, too…). Find out where to go in my story over at AmongMen!

1 Comment May 29, 2013

Travel Swellness: I’m off to Philly!

love-statue-by Robert Indiana (credit J. Smith for GPTMC)

So long, for now — as I’m off to the city of brotherly love for the next four days! It’s my very first visit — I’m looking forward to discovering its local fashion and design scene, eating Philly cheesesteaks and shop-shop-shopping (tax-free shopping, my friends!).

(Photo, visitphilly.com)

8 Comments April 18, 2013

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