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Healthy Swellness: 6 ways your Rexall pharmacist can help you


Who are the people in your health squad? I keep it pretty simple: I’ve got my doctor, my massage therapists (although I haven’t seen either of my two fave RMTs in ages…sigh), my chiropractor, and my running buddies (they count, don’t they?)—I’d say those are the core people. But I will admit: I don’t ever take advantage of getting more from my visits to the pharmacist other than to having my prescriptions filled.

But last week, when I attended the launch of the new Rexall Brunswick House, I got to chat with the pharmacy manager, Jessie Chen, and learned that you miss out on benefiting your health when you don’t draw from your pharmacist’s expertise.

“Often people come in with it comes to cold and flu symptoms, seasonal allergies, heartburn, stomach upset, dry eyes, headaches—they come into the pharmacy first for something over the counter that can provide some relief,” says Chen. She says about 50 percent of her work with patients is helping with these issues, and the other half is focused on prescriptions.

Other ways your pharmacist can help you?

  • “We can administer flu shots, and recently in Ontario (every province has different regulations), we were approved to administer other vaccines, such as the shingles vaccine and HPV vaccine.”
  • Your pharmacist can take your blood pressure. The pharmacy is equipped with a blood pressure machine and if you wish, they can create a tracking card for you and link it to your medication profile so you can monitor it over time.
  • Your pharmacist can help you quit your smoking habit. Pharmacists can provide smoking cess counselling, recommend certain nicotine replacement products, and prescribe sme smoking cessation medications, and provide follow-ups with patient over time, says Chen.
  • “We can help you when buying over-the-counter products,” says Chen. “It’s a good idea to consult with your pharmacist. Sometime people think because something is herbal or if it’s vitamins, it’s safe, but there could be potential interactions. Pharmacists are a good resource to help identify if any interactions and whether or not that product is a good choice for you,” she says. If you’re pregnant, for example, there may be some products with limited research on them and the pharmacist can identify when you would want to exercise caution.
  • Your pharmacist can also help determine when you need the help of another health expert. “Our recommendations are tailored to the patient, so we take some basic health information, such as symptoms, and drug allergies, and find out what medications they’re currently taking to keep in mind possible drug interactions, and from there we can assess whether seeing their doctor is necessary.”

Since there are so many ways you can work with your pharmacist when it comes to your health, you should choose a pharmacist you feel comfortable with. “Health and wellness if the core of our business,” says Chen. She recommends selecting someone you feel you can open up to and be honest with, since open communication and trust is the key for it being a successful relationship.


And btw, in case you’re worried about the Brunny now being occupied by a Rexall, you should know that Rexall worked with the city’s Historic Preservation Service and restored the exterior and interior elements. In fact, the original keg barrel bar is now the main checkout area. The chandeliers and tin ceiling are originals that have been restored.


And while those are elements of the building you can check out anytime when you shop here, if you pop in now, you’ll have a chance to have a peek at the Rexall Brunswick House Music Artifacts Exhibition, which included memorabilia from artists who’ve played on the Brunny’s stage, including Jeff Healey and Oscar Peterson. But check it out soon, because all of these artifacts are soon being shipped to Studio Bell, the National Music Centre in Calgary (which I got a chance to preview before it opened when I was in Calgary last spring—it’s definitely worth a visit!).

Photo credit: Evan Bergstra/Ryan Emberley Photography


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Healthy Swellness: Learn about the flu during the Shoppers Drug Mart Tweet Chat on Tuesday, October 22!

Cold and Flu Adult_SDM


There are more myths about the flu shot than Taylor Swift breakup songs (and we all know how many of those there are!). What’s the truth, though? Well, take part in the Shoppers Drug Mart #letstalkflu Tweet Chat on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, from 7PM to 8PM and find out (and have the chance to win a prize!).

I’ll be participating — I’ll admit it, I haven’t always gotten the flu shot, but now wouldn’t dream of not getting it after having learned more about it.

What’s the Tweet Chat involve? Well, Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist Victor Wong will be moderating the chat. Can the flu shot give the flu? Is there anyone who shouldn’t get the shot? He will take questions and dispell misconceptions. So #letstalkflu!

Plus, there are prizes to be won for people who take part in #letstalkflu. There are five prizes to be won, and each prize (valued at more than $150 each) consists of a Shoppers Drug Mart Cold & Flu Defence Kit (that’s it above!), which has:

  • a humidifier
  • Life Brand hand sanitizer
  • Vapo Rub
  • a digital thermometer
  • sugar-free cough drops
  • facial tissue
  • Vitamins C and D
  • Simply Food Chicken Noodle Soup
  • a $50 SDM gift card

(Sound familiar? Yes, it’s the same prize I’ve giving away — have you entered yet? Anyhow, if you don’t win one from me, you can win one of five by participating in the Tweet Chat #letstalkflu!)

Go ahead and follow @shopprsdrugmart on Twitter if you are not already so you’re all set for Tuesday, and pencil in Tuesday at 7PM!



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