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Healthy Swellness: Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge wrap-up

Kobe pondering life

Well, I’m happy to report that the cats are healthy and happy. After switching from their former food to their new Nutram food (which I slowly transitioned them onto based on a schedule provided by Nutram), both Kobe and Mya are doing well on their new food regimen. The wholesome food, created by holistic nutritionists, agrees with them. I mean, sure Kobe is still a little crusty sometimes, but I think that’s more due to age and having a very in-your-face and hyper Mya to contend with day after day than being tied to what he’s eating.

Mya being Mya

Both the kitties have good appetites, their fur is nice and silky, they’re bright eyed (that is, when they’re not sleeping 23 hours of the day as cats do!) and they seem happy. Although Mya did dive into my plate of crumbs leftover from a homemade poptart the other day — could her new diet be causing her to crave sweets?? Nah, I doubt it; she also eats ribbon and plastic bags when left unattended, so there’s no explaining what she consumes.

All in all, the cats are more than alright.

To have your furry loved ones try the Nutram OTC, visit their website to find the right Nutram number for your pet.


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Pets with health and happiness benefits

Pets make us happier and healthier as shown in some new research published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Past studies have focused largely on how pets can help those with health challenges, but it turns out for us “everyday people” (ie. not dealing with health issues) pets can benefit our well-being (also note that this study showed pets help cause this boost in well-being rather than simply showing there is a link between the two). Some of the findings of how pet owners differ than non-pet owners? We:

  • have greater self-esteem
  • are fitter
  • are generally less lonely
  • are more conscientious
  • are more extraverted
  • are less fearful
  • and less pre-occupied

(and these health benefits are what I’ll try to remind myself every morning when that furry one above is waking me up at 5AM. Yes, every morning.).


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Puss ‘n a latte

"Will you love us less when you start going to cat cafés?"

I love cozy little coffee shops. And I love cats. And because of that, even though I have two cats at home, this new trend in Japan kind of appeals to me (I’m the type of person who will pet every cat and dog I see on the street).

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