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Posted for no reason other than I saw this commercial today and it made me laugh (and, OK, I love NKOTB…).



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Why I wish I’d run the Run with the Stars Half-marathon

Sure, I have a new PB time for the 8k distance, but I wish I’d run the Hollywood half on Saturday instead:

I’ve mentioned before the boy band of my dreams. And I discovered last week (ie. too late for me to plan to run it) that Joey McIntyre of NKOTB was running the Run with the Stars Half-marathon in Hollywood yesterday. The race raises money for Alzheimer’s research and he ran it in honour of his mom, who suffers from the disease.

His finish time? Pretty darn close to the times of my last two half-marathons. All this to say I could’ve run alongside him. Although perhaps it’s good I didn’t — probably would’ve forgotten to hydrate, fuel, etc., because I would’ve been too distracted (and he’s not even my favourite!).

(Image: It’s Yow Wow)

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Swellness Sundays

(Anything I find swell. Posted on Sundays. Real scientific, I know…)


I’m not a fan of greeting cards and the like featuring photos of one’s kids or family. (Even weirder, I think, when you get one from a young couple who have no kids — yes, I’ve received such a card).

So I went to the Kodak preview this week to check out their new Picture Kiosk (which allows you to access your Facebook photos) without great expectations given my view of these personalized gifts.

What I left with, though, after much giggling while at the preview, were some of the best calendars evah.

I’d forgotten I had photos on Facebook from the NKOTBSB concert from this summer (aka the best concert ever featuring the boy band of my dreams). The girls running the preview even printed a couple for themselves — I bet they didn’t print anyone else’s to keep that day :)

Yep, some lucky friends will be getting these as a stocking stuffer so they, too, can enjoy a shirtless Donnie Wahlberg all year long.


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