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Beauty Swellness: The Nail Report: White nails

white nail polish Kiss Gel in French

Nail craving: Something fresh and clean for spring (which is fiiinally here!)

How I satisfied that craving: I’ve been meaning to try white polish for awhile, but it took me awhile to get to the store to pick up the Kiss Gel Polish in French that I wanted, but I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and walked over to buy it.

How this nail colour makes me feel: Like I have a clean slate. It’s a nice contrast to the busy nail art I had for the past three week.

Love it or hate it: Love. And I think the white will be a nice base to apply regular nail polish over, if I decide I want to experiment with nail art or simply as a base coat (regular polish always lasts longer on me when I have gel as a base).

Leave a Comment May 26, 2014

Beauty Swellness: Nail Report: Evil eye manicure

evil eye manicure right hand

Nail-art craving: I’ve been into the evil eye look (I had this evil eye manicure in the fall, remember?) and I thought it’d be appropriate for my “marathon manicure” for the Around the Bay 30k race I’m running this Sunday. The evil eye will ward off any ill will, and help me avoid that Grim Reaper dude who’s always near the end of this difficult, hilly race. I also like the graphic patterns designer Mara Hoffman is known for, and mentioned this to Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar earlier this week.

How I satisfied that craving: Leeanne ran with the idea and created this flashy, graphic nail art for me using Shellac Cream Puff anbd Black Pool and Gelish You Glare I Glow (I forget the colour used for the blue eyes). It took two hours of painstaking work by Leeanne, she’s amazing–always makes sure each detail on the nail is perfect.

How this nail art makes me feel: Protected. Invincible.

Love it or hate it: LOVE. Bring it on, Around the Bay and your crazy hills. I’m ready.

evil eye manicure left hand

3 Comments March 28, 2014

Beauty Swellness: CND Vinylux Summer 2014 collection

CND VINYLUX Paradise Collection

In this dull and cold winter, it was refreshing to preview the summer collection from Vinylux. The vibrant green Lush Tropics is fantastic (except I wouldn’t use it for a pedicure–am I the only one who doesn’t like green on toesies?), as is the coral-tinged Electric Orange. Juicy and full of life; might need to wear some of these now (they  launch this month) to get me through the rest of the chilly spring. I’m a fan of Vinylux — my previous manis with it have lasted longer than with other nail polishes. From left: Bicycle Yellow, Electric Orange, Sultry Sunset, Lush Tropics, Cerulean Sea, Tango Passion.

For my mani, I ended up selecting a shade from the spring collection — the pale, buttery Sun Blleached, and then made it a little edgier with an angled tip in Asphalt (which is an existing Vinylux polish colour). I can see this pretty Sun Bleached shade becoming one I return to, it’s easy to wear–my type of neutral.

cnd summer 2014 collection



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