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Fitness Swellness: X-Body electric muscle stimulation workout


When I arrived at Lucid Health & Fitness in Toronto to try their X-Body workout, I didn’t know at all what to expect. I hadn’t had time to research it or electric muscle stimulation (EMS) workouts, and in fact, was semi-expecting it to be more like a massage versus an actual workout.

But I quickly learned it’d be a workout. Aman took it a little easy on me, though, as I had an appointment after Lucid and didn’t want to arrive a hot mess. Putting on the cotton base layer (it’s best if you don’t even wear a sports bra, so that the sensors can better make contact with your body), I wasn’t nervous, but upon seeing and donning the wet training suit that hooks you up to the computer, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking wth have I gotten myself into?

I’ve only tried the X-Body EMS workout once, but later that day, my body felt like jello (and I know I didn’t necessarily feel like I’d exerted myself that much) and the following day, as I completed my 23k run, and my legs felt heavy and tired, it definitely seems like X-Body put me through quite the ringer in a mere 20-minute workout.

For more about X-Body, check my dose on Vitamin Daily.


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Go for it: an apple a day

How do you like them apples?

If you like them quite well and have one daily, you may be doing your body good — moreso if you eat them with the peel. Ursolic acid (found in the peel) has been found in a University of Iowa study conducted on mice to help tone by boosting muscle growth by 15 percent and reducing body fat by more than half.

(that’s my fave apple variety above, btw, the Red Prince — crisp and sweet)

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Dropping acid

If you’ve ever worked out intensely, you know how lactic acid buildup in your muscles can make you feel — sore and stiff, just plain uncomfortable. (I’ve had to crawl up stairs after half-marathon training runs as my legs were so stiff I can barely bend at the knees). Turns out massage–commonly thought to be helpful in removing lactic acid from muscles–isn’t the greatest solution to your soreness, says a Queen’s University study.

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