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Healthy Swellness: Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge wrap-up

Kobe pondering life

Well, I’m happy to report that the cats are healthy and happy. After switching from their former food to their new Nutram food (which I slowly transitioned them onto based on a schedule provided by Nutram), both Kobe and Mya are doing well on their new food regimen. The wholesome food, created by holistic nutritionists, agrees with them. I mean, sure Kobe is still a little crusty sometimes, but I think that’s more due to age and having a very in-your-face and hyper Mya to contend with day after day than being tied to what he’s eating.

Mya being Mya

Both the kitties have good appetites, their fur is nice and silky, they’re bright eyed (that is, when they’re not sleeping 23 hours of the day as cats do!) and they seem happy. Although Mya did dive into my plate of crumbs leftover from a homemade poptart the other day — could her new diet be causing her to crave sweets?? Nah, I doubt it; she also eats ribbon and plastic bags when left unattended, so there’s no explaining what she consumes.

All in all, the cats are more than alright.

To have your furry loved ones try the Nutram OTC, visit their website to find the right Nutram number for your pet.


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Healthy Swellness: The cats are taking the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge!

Kobe and Mya

My two cats, Kobe and Mya, are finally earning their keep around here! Kobe’s been freeloading for 14 years and Mya nearly 8 years. So it’s high time they pitched in a little. Cuteness and cuddles doesn’t pay the bills! So when Nutram asked if they’d be up for the Nutram 30-Day Optimum Transition Challenge, I said hellz yeah.

The challenge involves transitioning these two furry troublemakers onto a holistic diet that’s been tailored to suit their needs. (You’re welcome to have your cat or dog join the challenge, too; get more info on the Nutram site about the challenge, and you’ll also be able to find out which food is recommended for your pet). Nutram, a Canadian company, makes 21 premium dry cat and dog foods; there’s a wide range of choices because cats and dogs need different diets depending on their size, life stage, activity level and specific animal needs.

So over the course of the next four weeks, I’ll be slowly transitioning them both onto the holistic Nutram diet…although now that I think about it, are these cats really contribution to the household? They’re getting to eat local, tasty and nutritious food, enjoy treats like the luxe cat caves they received from Nutram, while I have to still feed them, scoop their litter box, monitor their progress and write these posts?! How’d they pull a fast one on me yet again?!

All jokes aside, I’m keen to see how this little wellness challenge affects them. Their health and wellbeing means a lot to me; I think about it often, probably because Kobe just turned 15 years old this month, and, well, I want him and his feisty little sister to live long and healthy lives.

I’ll be posting both here on the blog and on Instagram and Twitter about their progress (follow along on social media with the hashtag #nutramOTC). Not familiar with Kobe and Mya? Check out their Tinder-esque profiles on the Nutram site.



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Foodie Swellness: A recipe For Pasta Lovers for Valentine’s Day

spaghettini with roasted beet

I think a cozy, romantic dinner at home is much more intimate than going out to a packed restaurant…why not skip the hoopla of going out for a bite with your Valentine and make something together at home (or one of you can take charge of dinner as your gift for February 14th).

A sweet dinner that’s a gorgeous red hue (talk about staying on theme for the night) is this Italpasta recipe for spaghettini with roasted beet. You don’t often have beets with pasta (or I don’t, in any case) but I love the sweetness of them in one of my favourite foods (pasta!) and the creaminess of goat cheese in this dish. I skipped the poppy seeds when I made the dish (that’s my version of the recipe in the photo above) because (1) I was lazy to go to the market to buy them, and (2) poppy seeds can get all stuck in your teeth…not a look I want on a romantic evening (although I did substitute sesame seeds).

You can find the recipe for this spaghettini with roasted beet over on the Italpasta site, and for more Valentine’s Day inspiration, check out their Pinterest board Valentine’s is For Pasta Lovers where you can find ideas on table settings, how to do the day on a budget and DIY projects.

Your Valentine will swoon. So get planning, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.


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