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Healthy Swellness: Power linked to happiness


“It’s lonely at the top,” is something we hear often. Yes, we’d like to think that being in a powerful position is a bit dismal and sad, but research has found the opposite to be true.

Having a position of authority and having that control allows you to feel like your true self, says the study published in Psychological Science. The most powerful in the people studied? They felt 16 percent more satisfied with life than the least powerful.

Power up. Sing this oldie but a goodie to yourself if it helps!


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Mo exercise, mo satisfaction

A typical run for me, if I’m not training for a race and just want to get a run done, is usually 6 kilometres. Short and sweet. But on bad days, I’m thinking I should maybe add maybe a half kilometre, and you might want to augment your workout a little on those days, too, based on these findings:

Researchers from Penn State have found that your satisfaction with life is directly impacted by your daily physical activity. Their research, published in Health Psychology, found that just a little more exercise can translate into big positive changes with your feelings of life satisfaction.

(and if a lil bit more exercise fails for any reason, I can usually count on my manicures to make me smile).

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The happiest kind of shopping

Extraverts and those open to trying new things are more likely to spend their money on experiences (such a vacation or going to show) than on material items, and gain more long-term benefits and greater satisfaction with life, says new research in the Journal of Positive Psychology.

My problem? Shopping lots for both material items and experiences  such as trips and concerts — but I’m pretty sure, in my very unscientific assessment, that just makes me doubly happy, wouldn’t you agree?

(Image: House of Harlow totem pole necklace available at Revolve Clothing, which indeed would make me even happier :)

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