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Beauty Swellness: Nail Report: Evil eye manicure

evil eye manicure right hand

Nail-art craving: I’ve been into the evil eye look (I had this evil eye manicure in the fall, remember?) and I thought it’d be appropriate for my “marathon manicure” for the Around the Bay 30k race I’m running this Sunday. The evil eye will ward off any ill will, and help me avoid that Grim Reaper dude who’s always near the end of this difficult, hilly race. I also like the graphic patterns designer Mara Hoffman is known for, and mentioned this to Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar earlier this week.

How I satisfied that craving: Leeanne ran with the idea and created this flashy, graphic nail art for me using Shellac Cream Puff anbd Black Pool and Gelish You Glare I Glow (I forget the colour used for the blue eyes). It took two hours of painstaking work by Leeanne, she’s amazing–always makes sure each detail on the nail is perfect.

How this nail art makes me feel: Protected. Invincible.

Love it or hate it: LOVE. Bring it on, Around the Bay and your crazy hills. I’m ready.

evil eye manicure left hand

3 Comments March 28, 2014

Beauty Swellness: The Nail Report: Shine bright like a diamond mani

diamond manicure by Leeanne

Nail craving: Weeks and weeks ago, I had the notion that I wanted diamonds on my nails, and I mentioned it to Leeanne at Tips Nail Bar. “Soooo…you know what you want to have done, when we still have the others you told me you wanted?” she asked. Yes. I mean don’t we all have a line-up of manicures we want to have done?

How I satisfied that craving: Before my actual appointment, I saw NCLA wraps that featured the diamond I had in mind, and both their design and the S/S 2014 runway for Mara Hoffman also featured these graphic stripes splaying out like a spotlight, which I liked in combination with my gems.

Leeanne used Shellac Steel Gaze (a pewter-ish shade) and Black Pool. To create the diamond, she meticulously carved out the facets using a toothpick.

How this nail art makes me feel: Like a million bucks. Which is great cuz it was also my birthday manicure!

Love it or hate it: Love. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

diamond bling nail art


1 Comment January 20, 2014

Beauty Swellness: The Nail Report: My leopard-print mani

leopard love

Nail-art craving: I went through a phase of loving everything leopard print, that was probably about 10 years ago. And my passion for this print appears to be back with a vengeance as everything I buy lately seems to be leopard (from a Nike sweatshirt I picked up last month in NYC to my C Wonder iPhone case above). And when I saw a friend’s leopard manicure on Instagram a few weeks ago, I knew I needed the same.

How I satisfied that craving: Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar took my leopard print wish and ran with it, creating this little number here: half -moons in Shellac Black Pool, the gold base is Entity Vintage Couture, and the leopard spots she did using Black Pool and Shellac Cream Puff. At the end she added a line in Bluetiful to help define the gold polish from the stripe of negative space below it.

How this nail art makes me feel: Like I need a whole new wardrobe. One that’s got loads of pieces that are tighter. And shorter. And shinier.

Love it or hate it: Like? It’s a bit in your face (yes, this is the girl who adored her superhero nails calling this a bit in your face). But with the right outfit and jewelry, this mani is hawt.

1 Comment December 11, 2013

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