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Stay informed — and eat healthier

A study published in the International Journal of Public Health has found that the more people are informed by mass media such as newspapers, TV and the internet, the more they stick to a healthy Mediterranean diet. (Remember that such mediums often gets a bad rap when it comes to your health — linked to being sedentary and unhealthy snacking in front of the screen).

So staying informed may lead to healthier diet.

All the more reason to keep reading Health & Swellness :)


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Introducing the Schick Quattro for Women Style Squad!

I know — you’ve been wondering how you can get more Health & Swellness into your life, right?

The blog, my tweets, my freelance articles on various outlets and my posts on thekit.ca just simply are not enough!

Well, then, you’re in luck!

I’m part of the brand spanking new, just launched today Schick Quattro for Women Style Squad! Along with Beautygeeks Janine Falcon and A Haute Mess Niki Blasina, we’re going to be all over the Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page for the next several months, so you can get plenty more of the F-U-N and advice you’ve come to expect from the three of us right on Facebook!

So go on and “like” the Schick Quattra for Women Canada Facebook page, will ya? And leave comments and such? Yes? Awesome sauce.

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Increase your activity, reduce your mortality

I’m going to start thinking of my running and other workouts as my personal extended healthcare plan (ah life as a freelancer without health insurance benefits!):

Five hours per week of vigorous-level aerobic activity and sports reduces mortality risk by 39 percent. 39 percent! That’s according to a systematic review published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

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