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Beauty Swellness: Aveeno Active Naturals

Aveeno Volumizing

A week and a half ago I was in New York as an Aveeno Active Naturals Ambassador — didja know I’m an ambassador with the brand? Yup! So far I’ve been testing out a lot of their products (one hand lotion, too fragrant for me, but I am a fan of their sulphate-free shampoo!). While on the topic of their shampoo, did you know Aveeno has haircare products? I know many people think of them for skincare, but they have a wide range of haircare, too, from its Living Colour Collection to Dandruff Control products.

To find out what line is best suited for my hair, I got to meet with Patrick Melville in NYC. He’s done Nicole Richie’s hair, along with Victoria’s Secrets models and Petra Nemcova. (Drat, I totally should’ve asked him for Victoria’s Secret Angel hair :)

After having a look at my hair (the texture is very fine and there’s not much of it), Melville recommended the Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Nourishing Volumize Shampoo and Conditioner for me. They contain lightweight conditioners so that fine hair can still have great body. Turns out the dry, tangly ends of my hair were a giveaway that I run (and thus shampoo my hair very often) and the Volumize products contain both the proprietary Nourishing Wheat Complex and blue lotus flower, so this helps replenish moisture.

With Patrick Melville

He also suggested I use some of Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo to add some texture to my hair. We lopped off about two inches from my ends and tidied up my bangs, which I’d had trimmed (accidentally shorter than usual…) a few days earlier. (For the blowout, he used a Mason Pearson brush — hello, soft, shiny hair! How have I lived this long without trying one?!) And, voila, my new ‘do:

fresh from Aveeno appointment with Patrick Melville

That night, we ambassadors were lucky to snap up a reservation at ABC Kitchen for dinner, but I’ll save that for a Foodie Swellness post.

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John Frieda Giveaway! Discover your ideal haircut

Do you know for certain if your haircut the one that best suits your face and hair texture? Could there be a better hairstyle that’ll make you look more gorgeous?

Here’s your chance to find out from one of the top stylists in the country, Alain Larivée, John Frieda Canadian Creative Consultant.  Just email a photo of yourself to healthandswellness@gmail.com with some details about your hair and a quick rundown of your concerns, if any. Five finalists will be chosen and Alain will select the winner.

And the prize? A virtual consultation with Alain himself, who’ll recommend the best haircut to suit you so that your hair is all that it can be. Oh, and did we mention you also receive a customized gift basket filled with John Frieda hair products so you can acheive that perfect style?

And the four runners-up? We wouldn’t leave you in the dust; the runners-up each receive a basket of John Frieda hair products valued at $100 each.

Enter by November 11, 2010. Don’t be shy! Enter today. I won’t judge, or actually, I guess technically I will be selecting the finalists, which involves some judging…but in the kindest way possible, I promise.

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