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Fitness Swellness: X-Body electric muscle stimulation workout


When I arrived at Lucid Health & Fitness in Toronto to try their X-Body workout, I didn’t know at all what to expect. I hadn’t had time to research it or electric muscle stimulation (EMS) workouts, and in fact, was semi-expecting it to be more like a massage versus an actual workout.

But I quickly learned it’d be a workout. Aman took it a little easy on me, though, as I had an appointment after Lucid and didn’t want to arrive a hot mess. Putting on the cotton base layer (it’s best if you don’t even wear a sports bra, so that the sensors can better make contact with your body), I wasn’t nervous, but upon seeing and donning the wet training suit that hooks you up to the computer, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking wth have I gotten myself into?

I’ve only tried the X-Body EMS workout once, but later that day, my body felt like jello (and I know I didn’t necessarily feel like I’d exerted myself that much) and the following day, as I completed my 23k run, and my legs felt heavy and tired, it definitely seems like X-Body put me through quite the ringer in a mere 20-minute workout.

For more about X-Body, check my dose on Vitamin Daily.


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Fitness Swellness: Atelier LOLË Yorkville

Atelier Lole Yorkville

I’m a strong believer that working out in fitness gear that you look and feel good in is motivating. Cute outfits are powerful–I bet on some days, a great fitness outfit can play a role in whether you do your workout or not. I’m pretty good at sticking to my marathon-training schedule, but on the days my favourite pieces are in the laundry and I have to wear some bland, shapeless top I got from a race (most race tops are not very flattering or stylish, right?), I just don’t step out and pound that pavement feeling my best.

Atelier Lole Yorkville fitness gear

If you’re seeking cute fit gear, LOLË Yorkville is a cheerful little boutique where you can find pieces in fun prints (and solids, too) with flattering details,  but, of course, with your athletic needs in mind (sweat-wicking fabrics, venting where you need venting, flat seams so you don’t risk chafing, etc.). I’m partial to the running gear (since that’s my main form of fitness) and I love that designer Andy Thê-Anh is a runner himself, so we of course always chat halfs and marathons when I see him at the media previews. But there is a lovely assortment of yoga, lifestyle and some swimwear, too. In fact, what I’m currently coveting are cashmere pieces from from the White by LOLË — although I’d probably wear them more for lounging than sun salutations…

In addition to gear, the shop is a fitness hub where you can take part in yoga classes or run clubs. The run clubs are held in the spring and summer, and yoga meet-ups take place once or twice a week in the store (and occasionally are held in studios for specialized classes such as reformer Pilates). You can get more details on the run clubs and yoga on the Atelier Lole Yorkville Facebook page.

Oh, and if you’re peckish and in need of some fuel when you pop in, there are complimentary beverages and bars available, too.  There’s no need to shop hangry!

Atelier LOLË Yorkville, 88 Yorkville Ave., Toronto, www.lolewomen.com

Atelier Lole Yorkville interior


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Fitness Swellness: Baktuli workout towels

At the gym with my Baktuli

Who sweats a lot? You? Me, too.

Sigh. I hate it. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I train for marathons through Toronto’s hot, humid summers.

It’s rare that I hit the gym (running takes up much of my time, but I’ll be hitting the gym more often — more details on that soon), but when I do, the new workout towels from Baktuli are my saviour — you’ll want one, too, if you’re as anti-sweat as I am.

They’re made of lightweight Turkish cotton, and feature Microban (so they resist the growth of bacteria and mildew). And the new Workout collection is shaped like a scarf (so it’s easy to throw around your neck, or drape on the workout bench).

What I really love, though? The sayings on them. When I saw the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger one, I had to have it (it’s often what I repeat to myself when I run — well, close to, I repeat “Harder, Fitter, Faster, Stronger,” when I’m having a tough moment or really trying to push myself to go faster). When I saw the Baktuli towel, I felt like it was meant to be.

The other towels are just as fun. We Can Work It Out and Let’s Get Physical – how’s that for a conversation starter with the hottie on the treadmill next to you? Prefer something more simple? Sporty stripes for you, then!

Baktuli workout towels

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