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Foodie Swellness: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker


To say that food occupies my thoughts much of the time is an understatement. What will I eat next. What will I order for dinner out tomorrow? (I’ve actually asked friends what they plan to have, and my question has been met with expressions of “I can’t believe you’re already thinking of what you’re going to eat there”). What will they be serving at the lunch I’m attending? What groceries I need to pick up. How I really want to try more Malaysian cuisine. How a pizza would hit the spot right about now. Even when I’m on a plane and we all know how awful plane food can be in economy, I ponder when it will be served and what will be on that little plastic tray.


And while I do enjoy cooking, sometimes it does feel like a chore. So I occasionally have breakfast for dinner; it’s easy to make something breakfast-y that is simple but tasty and I often have the ingredients in my fridge. Another reason is because I do quite enjoy it, and breakfast sandwiches are something I crave from time to time. So when I saw the adorable Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, an award-winning product, I knew I had to try it out. (The company gave me some of their appliances to test out, full discolosure!)

What it is and how it works? Basically, on the bottom portion, after heating up the machine, you place the bottom of your sandwich bread (think bagel or English muffin), and any veggies, cooked meat or cheese you want in your sandwich, then on the top portion you crack an egg and break the yoke and top it with the top of your English muffin. Close the top on the appliance and about 4 minutes later, you swing out to the side the middle non-stick plate with the tab so that your sandwich becomes, well, a sandwich (one layered piece) and then you lift open the appliance (wearing an oven mitt for safety as parts of it are hot!) and use a spatula to slide off your warm breakfast sandwich. The cheese (I always put cheese!) has melted nicely, the egg is cooked and the bread has a nice warm crispness to it.


It’s super easy to clean and pretty nifty but I suppose you have to eat breakfast sandwiches pretty regularly to make getting this appliance worth it. I can see it being great for a family with a few kids. Or someone in college or university living in a dorm. The appliance is quite small so storage even in my small downtown condo is not an issue. The only way I feel it can be improved is if it could also cook whatever meat you want in your sandwich; when I was growing up McDonald’s for breakfast was a treat and I’m still a fan of their Sausage McMuffin with egg. But I can’t make a similar homemade version using this appliance since the Maker won’t cook a sausage patty (and cooking it separately to then insert into the completed breakfast sandwich defeats the convenient purpose of only using the Maker).


Currently I’m using the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker to make a small yet filling breakfast after a run (when I’m typically lazy to fuss with cooking anything more elaborate) but I go through spurts of using it often one week and then giving it a break the next. I think I need to experiment with more ingredients, but so far my fave sandwich includes tomato, ham, cheese, egg and avocado, on an English muffin.

Stay tuned for my next Hamilton Beach product review: the Searing Grill!


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Foodie Swellness: Palo Popcorn

Palo Popcorn

Last week I was in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and I had a tough time convincing anyone that Quebec makes as good cheese curds as Wisconsin.

The cheesy goodness I fell in love with while in the ol’ badger state, though, that I’ll say they make better than us in Canada (granted I have not done a coast to coast search for the best of the best in this category…)? Palo Popcorn, the white cheddar version.

We actually tried it during a wine tasting at Vintage Elkhart Lake (it was paired with a Pinot  Grigio, I believe) and the girl next to me took a kernel and blurted out, “Oh my gawd, that’s so good!” I thought she was exaggerating…but then I tried it.

This fluffy popcorn is so intensely white cheddar flavoured — and its incredible taste is due to two things (I chatted with someone from the company):

  1. It’s not air popped but rather popped in coconut oil.
  2. The white cheddar on the popcorn is made with real cheddar cheese (not artificial flavourings and whatnot).

I couldn’t bear with the thought of not having access to more of this Palo Popcorn, so I came home with two bags of it (thankfully, I wasn’t questioned at customs on the way back — although, I doubt they count as “dairy,” right?). Sadly, I’m down to about a third of a bag.

Must make my way back to Wisconsin, I guess! (Or order some online next time I find myself south of the border)


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