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Falling in love with Florence

When I came home from Florence, Italy, in June, for a solid week afterwards, I’d wake up in the middle of the night, eventually realize I was home and would feel incredibly sad that I was no longer in Florence — something I’d never experienced after my other trips. I’d eaten incredible food (perhaps the best soup and the best pizza I’ve ever had), met some very nice peeps (mostly Americans; as I don’t speak Italian, I didn’t meet many locals) and was just happy to soak in the culture once I got weary of visiting churches and museums. Above is a photo of one of my favourite spots, the gorgeous Boboli Gardens, and below, the Ponte Vecchio. Sigh…

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Enjoy an aperitivo

(A glass of wine and some local cheeses — in fact, the server pointed in the direction of the town where the cheese came from when he described the choices to me — with a view of Pallazzo Pitti in Florence.)

One of my favourite things about my recent trip to Italy? Aperitivo. A pre-dinner drink so you can relax and whet your appetite for dinner? Sign me up. This was one local tradtition I had no problem incorporating into my daily schedule as soon as I arrived (and I’ve continued with the habit somewhat since returning home).

So this new research finding is particularly welcome:

Moderate drinking (that’s defined as one per week and no more than three daily for women) is linked to a higher quality of life compared to those who don’t drink at all.


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Where in the world are Karen’s nails going?

Introducing a new series of posts where I highlight a few of the places my travels take me. Instead of that gnome, it’s my nails popping up in all sorts of fun places :)

Me and my nails (and some fancy schmancy Rimowa luggage I’m testing out) are off to Italy, wheeeee! Parma (for work) then Milan and Florence (let’s call that work-ish). Italy’s been on my must-see list, like, forevah — I’m already a bit anxious about never wanting to come back home…

So follow me on Twitter (just clicky-poo on through and hit follow, yo!) that way you can stay tuned on all the delicious things I’m eating, drinking, seeing and doing… (and, erm, you’re not…)


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