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Style Swellness: Canada Goose Spring 2015 collection

Canada Goose spring 2015 Trenton

I think we can finally put away our down Canada Goose winter coats. The magnolias have finally bloomed in Toronto and we’ve been  in the double digits for temperature for the past few days, yesss!

But that doesn’t mean no Canada Goose in our wardrobes until next winter, because they’ve just launched their first collection of Spring outerwear. There are 25 lightweight, technical jackets (including some Soft Shells) and they’ve applied their garment construction know-how and their knowledge of Canada’s unpredictable weather in creating the pieces. The Soft Shells are constructed out of a waterproof, three-layer fabric, but one that’s very breathable, and feature touches such as reflective tape (so you’re seen when you need to be, safety, people!) and Lycra cuffs with thumbholes.

Canada Goose spring 2015 Trenton with hood up

In addition, there are three bright new colours added to the collection: Tundra Blossom, Torch and Altitude Blue. That’s the women’s Soft Shell Trenton jacket in Altitude Blue with Aurora Green I’ve got on here, which I put to the test on a predictably unpredictable spring day outdoors in Toronto. The high-loft fleece backing was a tad too warm when I set out for the day, but sure enough, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped within an hour and the jacket was just perfect for the conditions. I can’t wait to test it out hiking and on other outdoor adventures.

The Canada Goose Spring collection is currently available at Canada Goose Authorized Retailers around the world. For more information, visit www.canadagoose.com.

Canada Goose spring 2015 Trenton back


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Fitness Swellness: Champion running gear review

running photo in Champion gear in Toronto

Ah, two months of “off season” was a treat. I kept it simple — my goal for my off season was to run three times a week, about 10k each run. Just to maintain some fitness. I probably could’ve afforded to do some intervals in that time, but mentally I really just needed this time off of training to be simple; the fall was an intense few months of training and racing.

In that time, I got to put some Champion running gear to the test (remember — I posted some six weeks ago about this). Here, my honest review of the pieces.

run in Champion gear in Trinity Bellwoods park

First off, the running jacket: When I first saw the jacket, I thought it would be too warm and restrictive for running, given it’s slightly puffy. But I could move fine in it, and it’s actually quite lightweight. Since it’s filled, I think it can give you the mental comfort that it’s warm, but layer it with the right gear, and it’s a great option for a winter run. I like the zippered pockets, and while turquoise is not a colour I gravitate towards, look how the hue pops so prettily against the snow! And the style with the contrasting colours make for a flattering silhouette. The only con of this jacket is that I think it could use more snug-fitting inner lining at the wrists (sometimes I could feel cold air coming into my sleeves).

The sports bra: Good coverage. Good support for high-impact. It’s not as stretchy as other sport bras, though, so putting it on can feel like you’re doing a bit of acrobatics (but once on, it’s comfortable). I like the contrast of the green and turquoise (sport bras always peek through when you have them under a tank so I prefer ones that aren’t just basic black so it adds a little something to your fit outfit).

The grey T-shirt: It’s fine, but a bit boring. A decent basic in good neutral colour. Nothing too remarkable about it.

winter Champion gear run

The running tights: Good fit and the turquoise stripe is flattering — makes the legs look slim. A comfortable length (I find some tights seem to fall a bit short but these were long enough so that even with ankle sport socks, I was fine) and they’re not low-waisted, which is good (some tights I have to pull up regularly mid-run, but these have a good rise and I never had to fuss). They are on the thin side, so I’ll only wear them on days where it feels like 0 degrees Celsius outside. Not the current polar vortex temperatures in Toronto. Although I would certainly wear them under a pair of warm track pants or warmer and baggier pants over top for cold winter runs, given how comfortable they are.

After a few launderings, all of the pieces are holding up well so far. All in all, good basic pieces that won’t break the bank. With the right layering, which is key for dressing for winter running, these could all be key elements to your winter fit wardrobe.

Now if only wearing this brand didn’t always end up with me getting that Buju Banton song “Champion” stuck in my head…


west side Toronto run in Champion gear

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Fitness Swellness: Champion fitness gear

Champion fitness gear

When it comes to fitness gear, style is what catches my attention first. But besides looking good, though, you also are calling for the apparel to function for you — wick sweat away from your skin, provide breathability where you need it, withstand numerous washes since you’re laundering them constantly. I’ve had some pieces for years that still look and work great and others that started pilling after one wear and wash.

For my upcoming workouts, I’ll be putting some Champion gear to the test. Champion sent me some key pieces that I’ll be running in and doing NTC workouts in (and maybe even stretching in — I still struggle with fitting in stretching into my life). This gear test has come at the perfect time as the grey and chilly weather in Toronto (plus the fact that this is currently my off-season) has me less motivated than usual — cozying up under a throw blanket is much more enticing lately!

Stay tuned for my full review on the Champion gear in an upcoming post. Have you tried their gear? It’s new to me so do share. I’m always game to hear what you love or hate when it comes to fitness!

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