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Fitness Swellness: X-Body electric muscle stimulation workout


When I arrived at Lucid Health & Fitness in Toronto to try their X-Body workout, I didn’t know at all what to expect. I hadn’t had time to research it or electric muscle stimulation (EMS) workouts, and in fact, was semi-expecting it to be more like a massage versus an actual workout.

But I quickly learned it’d be a workout. Aman took it a little easy on me, though, as I had an appointment after Lucid and didn’t want to arrive a hot mess. Putting on the cotton base layer (it’s best if you don’t even wear a sports bra, so that the sensors can better make contact with your body), I wasn’t nervous, but upon seeing and donning the wet training suit that hooks you up to the computer, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking wth have I gotten myself into?

I’ve only tried the X-Body EMS workout once, but later that day, my body felt like jello (and I know I didn’t necessarily feel like I’d exerted myself that much) and the following day, as I completed my 23k run, and my legs felt heavy and tired, it definitely seems like X-Body put me through quite the ringer in a mere 20-minute workout.

For more about X-Body, check my dose on Vitamin Daily.


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