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Beauty Swellness: 5 lessons in looking and feeling beautiful as you age

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Getting older makes me nervous. Plain and simple. I’m going to assume I’m not alone in this. Ladies, are you a bit stressed about aging, too?

But a recent roundtable I attended with a group of very successful women helped to ease some of that anxiety about aging. Assembled by Procter & Gamble Canada, the group of inspiring women included fashion expert Jeanne Beker, lifestyle expert Lynn Spence, dermatologist Kucy Pon, dentist Janet Tamo, and wellness expert Tosca Reno. Jeanne, who’s just turned 65, shared that she’s finding this time of her life exhilarating. “So many years, it was all about pushing forward and having to survive and going out there and getting it, we all need that drive, but this stage of our lives where we can sit back and see the forest for the trees, it’s a sweet time,” she says.

That sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? A little bit of a waiting-to-exhale moment when it comes to life…Here are the other useful nuggets of inspo I gathered from this powerhouse of women when it comes to taking care of one’s health and beauty.

1. Look to your meals as a way to nourish your body. “Each meal, I see as an opportunity to load myself with nutrients. Not “is it going to be chicken or steak tonight?” I look at food differently, as a way to flood my cells with nutrients.” says Tosca. She added that according to the World Health Organization, wellness is the presence of three lifestyle practices. “Eating clean, whole. nutrient-dense, minimally processed foods, exercise and emotional wellness,” she says. And while she noted that keeping moving physically is important, so is keeping your digestive system moving things along is key, too. And her tip for making sure you’ve got that down pat? Adding Metamucil and a shelf-stable probiotic (just open the capsule and add the powder right in!) to your smoothie is a simple way to make your smoothie instantly better for you.

Olay Regenerist

2. Feed your skin vitamins, too. Eighty percent of premature aging is due to sun damage, says Kucy. And while you can’t undo all the sun damage to your skin, you can make sure your skincare has vitamins that’ll benefit it. Such as vitamin B3 (niacinamide) — it moisturizes, it’s anti-inflammatory, helps pigmentation, and prevents irregular skin tone; vitamin A, which you should use in the evenings, which will help repair some sun damage; and vitamin C, as this antioxidant will help neutralizing damaging free radicals. Where to get these vitamins? Well, Olay Regenerist is, as Lynn points out, affordable and accessible to most women.


3. Give your hair some TLC. Have you ever watched Lynn on TV and admired her shiny, voluminous hair? I know I have. Lynn swears by Pantene 2-in-1 products and its Smart Technology, which targets the areas it needs to treat and then washes out, but still leaves the hair nice and hydrated. She also makes sure to limit her use of heat tools by using a hair dryer that works efficiently so she can minimize the time it’s blow dried, and she finishes off with velcro rollers to build volume.

4. Create a budget and regimen for your dental health. Discoloured teeth are seen as a sign of aging and your teeth will darken with years of smoking and drinking coffee and red wine. The strategies to maintain a healthy mouth, though, are simple. Start with planning a budget for your dental health. “People budget for their hair, but hair grows back, teeth don’t,” says Janet. That’s so true, and good oral health over your lifetime is so essential, it should have its own budget. As for how to use that budget? Crest Whitestrips will immediately make your teeth look healthier and more beautiful. Invest in an Oral-B electric toothbrush, as it has been proven to better remove plaque. And lastly, floss daily as it helps to remove bacteria from your mouth. Did you know  most dental conditions are preventable?

Crest Whitestrips

5. Exercise can fit into even the busiest of schedules. People often ask Tosca if she spends hours at the gym and she tells them she doesn’t have hours to spend. Thirty minutes performed at 65 percent maximum heart rate is far more effective than spending hours at the gym, she says. Women in the baby boomer demo need to hit metabolic catalysts and target large muscle groups, that is the glutes, core and and quads, so that your burning fat at a faster rate all the time. Her fave? Rebounding. Fifteen minutes on this mini trampoline is the same as running 30 minutes on land, she says.

And when it comes to all of these lessons, it’s important to remember that taking care of yourself inside and out doesn’t have to be an all-consuming, overwhelming task. “Do the doable thing,” says Tosca. “Once you’ve done that thing, the next thing becomes easier. Do it 10 times in a row, and now that’s a new habit, and you can move onto the next one and commit to the next doable thing.”


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Healthy Swellness: Crest Pro-Health HD


It seems I have a habit of putting “too much” into my schedule. Notice the quotation marks? That’s because most of the time, to me, my schedule seems just right and not too much…but I have everyone else telling me I’m crazy. Once in a while I might feel frazzled by an overwhelming number of to-dos and that’s when I start cancelling things in my calendar, but for the most part, I guess being busy is my preferred M.O. And I bet it’s yours, too.

We are all busy.  And that means needing to be efficient with our time, and when something takes more time out of my schedule, well, that can be a deal breaker when it comes to adding whatever it is to my life. Case in point: when I heard that Crest’s new Pro Health HD calls for a two-step brushing process, I thought nuh-uh, ain’t gonna happen.

And you won’t believe what happened next! (ugh, I hate those click-bait headlines, don’t you?)

Well, what happened next is I became a Crest Pro-Health HD convert. This is saying a lot because my getting-ready routine I’ve whittled down to 30 minutes since I’m always rushing to get out the door, or at bedtime, I’m just tired and eager to get to bed ASAP. So to add a second step to brushing my teeth, I have to really think it’s worth it.

What convinced me to try the product is that it takes care of health and, well, vanity when it comes to teeth. Crest Pro-Health HD helps to reverse gingivitis and get rid of plaque, while also polishing and whitening teeth (and don’t we all want those movie-star smiles?) How it works: the two-step system breaks up key ingredients into separate tubes, allowing them to work their best and perform at their peak. Step 1 is a purifying cleanser that includes stannous flouride; you brush your teeth with Step 1 for one minute. Then you spit–but don’t rinse–and then brush your teeth with Step 2 for one minute. This step is the perfecting gel (for whitening and polishing). This second step also leaves your mouth feeling really fresh and clean, like how it does when you’ve just left the dentist’s office – you can actually feel a difference after the first use!

I’ve only been using the product for about a week and it’s really the super minty fresh clean feeling that’s won me over and earned Crest Pro-Health HD its spot on my bathroom counter. I am monitoring the whiteness status of my teeth to see if my pearly whites are getting whiter.  Having a whitening agent in my toothpaste is ideal, because I am not so great at maintaining a regular schedule for using whitening strips.

Crest is touting it as the company’s biggest breakthrough in toothpaste since fluoride, so that means it’s a pretty big deal. What’re your thoughts on this new innovation? I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried it out!

(This review was made in partnership with Crest. As always, in this and in any other sponsored content, all opinions are 100 percent my own.)


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Giveaway: Oral-B and Crest prize pack

More important than physical fitness when determining attractiveness in others? One’s smile, according to the third annual Crest and Oral-B Great Canadian Smile Survey.

And because I want you to be your most attractive you can be (I know, I’m nice like that) since April is Oral Health month, to help you celebrate it (I just know you’re throwing a  party, aren’t  ya?) Health & Swellness is giving away an Oral-B and Crest prize pack worth $300.

The prize includes:

  • one Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries5000 with SmartGuide
  • one Oral-B ProfessionalCare 3000
  • one Pro-Health Toothpaste
  • one Pro-Health Rinse
  • one Crest Complete Floss
  • one package Crest 3-D Whitestrips Advanced Seal

For more info on taking care of your teeth, be sure to visit the Oral-B Canada Facebook page, too.

Whatcha waitin’ for? Enter!

There are three ways you can enter (enter all three ways to increase your chances of winning!):

(1) Enter by emailing your name, mailing address and phone number to healthandswellness@gmail.com (please put Oral-B in the subject line).

(2) Leave a comment on this post about why you should win this Oral-B and Crest prize pack.

(3) Tweet about this giveaway including a link to this blog post (and you must include the @healthswellness handle to ensure I see your tweet!).

This giveaway closes at 12PM on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, and is open to Canadian residents only. The one winner be randomly chosen, notified by email, and announced on Health & Swellness.

Good luck!

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