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Healthy Swellness: Weight Watchers 24/7 Expert Chat review (+ Giveaway!)


*Giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Lynn C., winner of this giveaway!*

Alright, we’re three months into 2015, how well are we all sticking to our goals? If you recall, I was planning on testing out the new 24/7 Expert Chat service offered by Weight Watchers. I think that it’s so key to have someone supportive you can call on at any time so I was keen to get chatting. And it’s come at a good time for me because since the new year, I’ve been quite overwhelmed and burnt out so my eating habits haven’t been so stellar (opting for more packaged foods than cooking, for example). My calendar’s been jam-packed, too, with events involving cocktails and lunches and dinners.

I checked in with the 24/7 Expert Chat, and the friendly coach (Donna) recommended familiarizing myself with the restaurant’s menu along with the points values ahead of going to the dinner so that I wouldn’t be in for a shocker after the fact (seems many of us underestimate points values). So knowledge is power, check.

I also found it helpful to check in with an expert the nights I was up late working or just watching TV. This is when I often snack. I chatted with Rosie, and it’s just nice to have support you can reach out to when you need it. She asked what I tend to do when I’m snacking late at night and noticed it’s when I’m in front of a screen (which, to be honest, is almost always, since I’ve always got my smartphone on me). In any case, she had some suggestions for snacks with zero or low points, such as sliced tomatoes with basil and sprinkled with parmesan. Or the snack size bags of Sun Chips (she confessed that having a large bag just doesn’t work out well for her, me neither!). After we chatted, I went to the eTools to find some more snack ideas. Thanks, Rosie!

Giveaway alert! We’re giving away a Weight Watchers membership!

Have you tried the 24/7 Expert Chat yet? Well, if you want to try it out and aren’t a member of Weight Watchers, you should definitely enter to win a three-month membership to Weight Watchers! That’s right, you can kickstart your way into a new healthy routine by winning a three-month membership to Weight Watchers from HealthAndSwellness.com.

You can enter in four different ways (each way counts as one entry, so go ahead and enter in all four methods!):

1. Email: Email me at healthandswellness@gmail.com with your name and mailing address. Please put “Weight Watchers membership giveaway” in the subject line.

2. Twitter: Follow me on Twitter (@healthswellness) and tweet: I want to get healthy with help from @WW_Canada and #win this membership from @healthswellness. http://bit.ly/1BlSlQo

3. Comment: Comment on this blog post about what your goals are if you win the membership.

4. Facebook: Like the Health and Swellness page on Facebook and then leave a comment on the wall post about this Weight Watchers three-month membership giveaway about how you feel Weight Watchers will help you most (whether it’s going to meetings, having the 24/7 Expert Chat, you name it).

The prize of a three-month membership is valued at $103.84 and the giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, March 30, 2015. Please note that this giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. The winner will be chosen at random. If I cannot reach the winner within five days, another winner will be selected.


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10 minutes with a celebrity chef

Which chef admitted to me he scarfs down extra chunky Reduced Fat Skippy Peanut Butter if there’s a jar lurking at home? Find out here.

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Exercising may lead to healthier eating

I often repeat the word “turnover” to myself when I’m out running as a reminder to aim for faster turnover (smaller steps, more of them at a faster pace). Often it works, but sometimes I just start craving apple turnovers, and in fact once ran straight to the grocery store–all sweaty in my running gear–to buy some (except they were out, drat!).

(For the most part, though, I’ll eat a fairly practical and healthy meal after a run, in case you were wondering–would feel terribly guilty to dig into something crazy fatty right afterwards–I save that for rest days so I don’t have to feel guilty, ha ha!)

In any case, a new review published in Obesity Reviews has found that working out may cause changes in your brain that lead to healthier eating. Regular exercise enhances our brain’s inhibitory control, so we’re better equipped to resist making impulsive diet choices (such as apple turnovers!).

(And that sign pictured above? One I spotted in Hong Kong this summer–and you know what I would’ve done had I had the time? Popped in for some cake. I do so heart cake!)

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