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Buh-bye fatty abs

It was pretty timely that I attended a media launch for Liposonix one afternoon right after chowing down on a heavy three-course meal. My abs were certainly not feeling like the flattest and leanest ever.

This new system, just approved by Health Canada, uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to heat and destroy fat tissue. “Picture it working like a magnifying glass, focusing all the waves to a particular point,” explained cosmetic dermatologist Nowell Solish. “This high level of energy permanently destroys the fat cells.” These destroyed fat cells are then naturally eliminated by your body over a period of eight to 12 weeks. Meaning that results aren’t immediate, but the according to Solish, you wouldn’t want a surge of these cells in your bloodstream all at once anyhow. Best of all the results are said to last indefinitely.

It’s not a quick fix for everyone, though. “The ideal candidate is healthy and is around their ideal weight with a BMI of less than or equal to 30, with some excess fat in the stomach area — you should be able to pinch an inch,” says Solish.

I chatted with Dita Florence, a 44-year-old Pilates instructor who tried Liposonix. “I exercise and eat right but I was always frustrated with this pouch that would never go away,” she said. (Geez, someone who’s job revolves around core work still has a pouch she can’t get rid off, now that’s disheartening news.)

Anyhow, since having the treatment, she noticed her abs are more defined and flattening out with time (she had the treatment in late November so she hadn’t reached the 12 week period to see final results yet). Florence admits the procedure was painful (“It’s like the prickly, zapping feeling of when you get electrolysis”) but that it was nothing compared to giving birth (“On a scale of one to 10, it’s a one when you compare it to having had three kids!” she said).

Still interested? Be prepared to break the piggy bank as the treatment will set you back $1,000 to $2,000. Find more info and a list of doctors providing Liposonix, visit www.liposonix.com.

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How do you take your coffee — with milk? Sugar? A little collagen?

The market for ingestible beauty products continues to grow, with Nescafe offering a collagen-infused cup of joe in Japan. But can you really sip yourself wrinkle-free? One cosmetic chemist the New York Times talked to says it ain’t so.

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