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Fitness Swellness: Reebok Fast Flexweave


Marathons are usually my go-to race distance, but what’s this runner doing this spring? Focusing on shorter distances, and I need all the help I can get to go fast.

Running full-out is not my preference. Even though the 42.2k of a marathon is grueling, part of the reason I enjoy them more is the fact that you have to go at a  slower pace, one you can complete that distance in. But with 5k or 10k, you have to go faster (OK, you don’t have to, but when you’re competitive with yourself like I am, you do!).


Cue the Reebok Fast Flexweave. For my training this spring, I’ve been using this new running shoe. I want technology on my side if I’m aiming to be fast. Its specifically designed for agility and speed. Think quick-burst workouts and speed work…AKA my life right now (…what have I gotten myself into?! I kid, speed work is a necessary evil when you’re training for a marathon, too).

The Fast Flexweave features an upper made of Flexweave, which is an open, figure-8 weave that results in the upper being ultra lightweight. This helps my feet feel weightless and makes it all that much easier to lift my feet and keep on moving forward. Also, there are tailored zones within the Flexweave fabric for extra flexibility and breathability; I love this because running with feet that feel like they’re roasting inside your shoes that feel stiff is so uncomfortable and distracting.


I prefer a fair bit of cushioning in my shoes, and while these are lighter, they do offer a comfortable amount of stability and durability through the midfoot; I think they strike just the right note in terms of delivering the stability and comfort of the type of sole I usually gravitate toward for a longer run, but in a more nimble and lightweight design for the shorter distance I’m focusing on. And that’s also likely thanks to the design incorporating pressure-mapping technology, so that the Fast Flexweave is flexible where you need it to be and stable where you need it. If only finding a partner to be just precisely flexible and stable when needed were as easy!

Stay tuned as to how my training goes, and I have it on good authority that you may be able to win yourself a pair of Reebok Fast Flexweave yourself! (Keep your eye on this post and my Instagram!)


UPDATE: You can WIN a pair of Reebok Fast Flexweave!

“Aaaand, you get a pair of Fast Flexweave!” I wish I could be Oprah and give all of y’all a pair…but the good news is I do have one pair of women’s Reebok Fast Flexweave (valued at $130) to give away!  

The giveaway is open to Canadian residents. You can enter in four different ways (enter all four ways as each way counts as an entry — and on Instagram you can enter multiple times!):

INSTAGRAM: Follow me on Instagram (@healthandswellness), and LIKE  the photo related to this giveaway , and then tag friends who could use a pair of Reebok Fast Flexweave themselves. One tag per comment, each tag equals one entry.

TWITTER: Follow me on Twitter (@healthswellness) and tweet:

I like to go fast! I’d love to #win a pair of @reebokcanada Fast Flexweave from @healthswellness! http://bit.ly/RbkFastFlex #fastflexweave #reebokcanada #bemorehuman #giveaway

FACEBOOK: “Like” the Health and Swellness Facebook page, and reply on the photo on the page — tell me what season is your favourite for running!

BLOG COMMENT: Comment right here on this post and share with me if you prefer to run on a track, the street or trails.

This giveaway is open until 11:59 p.m. ET, Tuesday, May 15, 2018. The winner will be chosen at random on May 16, 2018 and contacted via the method they’ve entered to provide their shoe size, shipping address and contact info.

Photographer: Sean Pollock, @seanpollock




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Foodie Swellness: Boodles Gin


So I don’t normally care to break out my blender and shaker when it comes to enjoying a cocktail at home. But I received a very sophisticated looking bottle of Boodles Gin and one of the cocktail recipes sounded so fruity and tropical that I gave it a shot.

Gin & Gomme

2 oz Boodles Gin

3/4 oz pineapple juice

1/2 oz mango puree (blended chopped mango)

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

Shake all ingredients thoroughly. Strain into a large rocks glass with ice. Top with a splash of soda and garnish with a sprig of fresh cilantro.

The cocktail was good but tbh I’ll probably only make it again if I have friends over. Too much fuss for making one cocktail for me. I’ll likely enjoy the Boodles simply in a G&T, which is, in fact, how they recommend drinking it (more simply, that is, but of course Boodle Gin works well if you want to get your mixology on!).

By the way, you can also win a private butler for a week from Boodles Gin. It’s open to Ontario, Alberta and B.C. residents, and you can enter here!


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Healthy Swellness: Win a trip for 2 to Jamaica from Nasacort Allergy 24HR!

Jamaica Sandals 1

As much as we all can’t wait for spring to arrive each year, with it, for some of us, comes nasal allergy symptoms. And I speak from personal experience. In fact, I’m sniffling right now. While my symptoms are pretty minor this season, in the past I’ve wanted to lock myself in a bubble boy-like chamber straight through to the middle of summer. The sneezing, runny nose and congestion becomes all consuming and the only thing you want is relief. 

And chances are you feel my pain: nearly one-quarter of Canucks suffer from allergy rhinitis. It all goes beyond an itchy or runny nose and congestion, though. Consider how your allergies impact your life. Research shows that it could zap you of energy, and even contribute to memory loss (both of which will affect your work and social life), to name just a few ways it can rule your quality of life.

Jamaica Sandals 3

One effective way to get relief and return to living your best life? Nasacort Allergy 24HR. As its name suggests, it works for 24 hours at relieving you of allergy symptoms. It’s safe to use daily (as it is non-addictive and is not drowsy). It’s also available without a prescription so relief could be yours easily.

Regardless of if you suffer from nasal allergies or not, Nasacort wants to help one lucky winner find relief and help them keep up with their lifestyle. Not in the form of a lifetime supply of Nasacort but consider it a way to a much sunnier outlook: they are giving away a trip for two to Jamaica to Sandals Negril including flights and accommodation. Having been to Jamaica twice, I can attest to the fact that some time here will help relieve you in many ways.

If you’re set to pump up your allergy relief and are ready to enter the Nasacort giveaway, click on over to the Nasacort site to enter to win now! This spring don’t let allergies get the best of you, and what better way to add relief to your life than a Jamaican getaway provided by Nasacort Allergy 24H. Enter right now before you forget to!

Jamaica Sandals 4



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