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Pets with health and happiness benefits

Pets make us happier and healthier as shown in some new research published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Past studies have focused largely on how pets can help those with health challenges, but it turns out for us “everyday people” (ie. not dealing with health issues) pets can benefit our well-being (also note that this study showed pets help cause this boost in well-being rather than simply showing there is a link between the two). Some of the findings of how pet owners differ than non-pet owners? We:

  • have greater self-esteem
  • are fitter
  • are generally less lonely
  • are more conscientious
  • are more extraverted
  • are less fearful
  • and less pre-occupied

(and these health benefits are what I’ll try to remind myself every morning when that furry one above is waking me up at 5AM. Yes, every morning.).


Leave a Comment July 12, 2011

Feline fitness

"No working out with me?"

There’s often research findings on how dog owners get more exercise, but there don’t seem to be a whole lotta studies when it comes to cats and fitness.

So this morning when I was reading about ways you can fit in exercise throughout your day (at the gas pump, for instance) the mention of workouts you can do with your cat caught my eye–and I was pleasantly surprised when celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson popped up on my screen when I clicked the link (figured the workout should have some cred).

Was disappointed to read the ideas, though–the cat exercise options have to do less with working out with your cat, but focus more on you working out and incorporating playtime for your kitten at the same time.

Ah well. Back to the drawing board.

3 Comments June 15, 2010

Puss ‘n a latte

"Will you love us less when you start going to cat cafés?"

I love cozy little coffee shops. And I love cats. And because of that, even though I have two cats at home, this new trend in Japan kind of appeals to me (I’m the type of person who will pet every cat and dog I see on the street).

3 Comments February 22, 2010

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