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A bad job is bad for your mental health

While being hardworking is linked to living a long and healthy life, a demanding job where you’re poorly paid or not getting much support is as detrimental to your mental health as being unemployed is (ie. having any j-o-b isn’t always necessarily related to better mental wellbeing), says a study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine

All the more reason–if you’re reading this while plugging away at a job you detest–to pursue a career that fulfills you.

1 Comment March 16, 2011

A coffee will get you one step ahead

More of us may be switching to tea, but coffee may help give you an edge over your male colleagues.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that in high-stress situations, coffee helps women complete tasks faster in a pressured situation whereas the caffeine made men slow down and lose confidence.

(Image: Julius Schorzman)

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