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The power of books

I’m thinking I need to find novels about a woman who become super rich and successful, or an average runner who somehow becomes a crazy good runner, or a girl who meets her dream boy-band member and lives happily ever after…


A new study from Ohio State University found that when you lose yourself in a book, you start to identify with the fictional character, so much so it can affect your real life. You start to think and feel like the character as if it’s actually you, and it can translate into changes in behaviour in real life. In one experiment, when reading about a character who had to overcome obstacles to vote, those readers were more likely to vote in real life in an election a few days afterwards.

Hence my new reading list.

6 Comments May 9, 2012

How reading Twilight makes your life better

I always have a book on the go. So this study about how reading satisfies a deep human need intrigued me–and the fact that the study involved Twilight and Harry Potter books.

Seems that when we read, in our minds we “become” vampires (in the case of Twilight) in that we immerse ourselves in the fictional community–and this satisfies our basic human need for belonging.

(Come to think of it, I’m currently reading Bacon: A Love Story–and it’s taking me awhile to get through it. Perhaps I can’t identify with truly belonging with bacon; more of a just-wanna-eat-it relationship, me thinks :).

1 Comment April 28, 2011

Holiday swellness: The booklist

To help you with your holiday shopping, Health & Swellness has 12 days of swell gift ideas for you. Today is Day 11!

For anyone who could use a chuckle. Something has to be really funny for me to laugh out loud, so the fact that Mike Birbiglia always has me laughing it up when he’s featured on This American Life and when I read his Secret Public Journal makes me super keen to read his new book. Sleepwalk with Me & Other Painfully True Stories by Mike Birbiglia, $27.99.

For anyone who loves food. The chapter where Bourdain describes the different foods he’s had all around the world had me in awe of his food writing skills (and made me antsy to travel). And overall, the book’s a must read for anyone who’s ever thought of getting into the restaurant industry. Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and The People Who Cook by Anthony Bourdain, $28.99.

For the home chef. Filled with more than 100 recipes, this book will teach you how to perfectly pair pasta shape with sauce. Now, this is geometry you’ll want to learn. Love the graphic black and white design, too. Geometry of Pasta by Jacob Kennedy and Caz Hildebrand, $29.95.

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