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Beauty Swellness: Flight-friendly beauty tips from the Emirates cabin crew

#RedHatSelfie with Christiana and Alexandra of the  Emirates cabin crew

Even though I travel a fair bit, I haven’t completely got a beauty routine for flying down pat; I find I still step off the plane looking bleary (even if it’s a short flight). I now try to stick to drinking water to combat dehydration; I typically wear a moisturizing sheer lip colour (less maintenance required), and if I’m flying out very early in the morning or it’s a flight longer than three hours, I’ll wear my glasses and put on my contact lenses before I land to prevent my lenses from drying out my eyes.

Several weeks ago, though, I had the chance to learn about the beauty regimen of the Emirates cabin crew. (And I got to snap a #RedHatSelfie with the lovely Emirates cabin crew members Christiana and Alexandra). The crew has to look polished and professional and the look must be consistent for the crew, and stay on for some 16 hours or more some days. Some of their top tips that we can all apply to our travel beauty routine:

  • Adjust your makeup depending on the flight (consider the time of day your flying, the flight duration).
  • Wear non-waterproof mascara for when you’re traveling; the dry air on flights can already zap you of hydration and waterproof mascara are drier than regular mascara.
  • Skip the bronzer when you fly. Bronzers (with the unforgiving lighting on a flight) can draw your face down and make you look tired.
  • Keep a small Evian atomizer to spritz your face with during the flight for some instant hydration for your skin.
  • Try an eye gel (which you can easily tap on over your makeup) to give your face a quick pick-me up.

Emirates #RedHatSelfie Event 116

(Beauty products photo credit: Ryan Emberley) 

1 Comment March 24, 2015

Beauty Swellness: Beauty rules you can break

beauty products

I shampoo daily. That’s right. Sometimes even twice daily. And I don’t always go to the same colourist or stylist. I cheat. Ok, not often, but I do.

I’m such a rebel.

For this, and other beauty rules you, too, can break, check out my article over on ElleCanada.com. Think of them as beauty resolutions you’ll can easily follow through on!

2 Comments December 19, 2013

Beauty Swellness: The Nail Report: My leopard-print mani

leopard love

Nail-art craving: I went through a phase of loving everything leopard print, that was probably about 10 years ago. And my passion for this print appears to be back with a vengeance as everything I buy lately seems to be leopard (from a Nike sweatshirt I picked up last month in NYC to my C Wonder iPhone case above). And when I saw a friend’s leopard manicure on Instagram a few weeks ago, I knew I needed the same.

How I satisfied that craving: Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar took my leopard print wish and ran with it, creating this little number here: half -moons in Shellac Black Pool, the gold base is Entity Vintage Couture, and the leopard spots she did using Black Pool and Shellac Cream Puff. At the end she added a line in Bluetiful to help define the gold polish from the stripe of negative space below it.

How this nail art makes me feel: Like I need a whole new wardrobe. One that’s got loads of pieces that are tighter. And shorter. And shinier.

Love it or hate it: Like? It’s a bit in your face (yes, this is the girl who adored her superhero nails calling this a bit in your face). But with the right outfit and jewelry, this mani is hawt.

1 Comment December 11, 2013

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