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Healthy Swellness: Keeping your lady parts healthy this summer


Picnics in the park, sunshine-filled days on the beach, kicking your feet up at the cottage. Ah, summertime is good. But being a lady comes with its own set of must-dos in the summer, especially when it comes to taking care of staying healthy “down there.”

Why’s that? Well, there’s bacteria down there. Yes, in the vagina. A good bacteria that helps maintain its naturally low pH level. It’s called lactobacilli. But summer presents a little problem when it comes to this “good” bacteria. The hot weather we love in the summer helps promote the growth of “bad” bacteria in there. And when that bad bacteria proliferates, you’re not so much enjoying summer but instead contending with some itchy and very uncomfortable (and possibly not so lovely smelling) lady parts.

So what you need to do to keep everything running well down there? Here you go:

Drink enough waterPut down the mojito and hydrate with water. When you consume enough water, you help to ensure your body’s fluid output is at a healthy level.

Stay fresh sans fresheners Yes, it’s tempting to use a freshening product if things are a little malodorous down there, but you could be making the problem worse by triggering a vaginal infection. It may temporarily make the scent better, but your best bet is to steer clear of these types of scented hygiene products.

Go with loose, breathable outfits If there was ever a time to go with a boho, easy breezy look, it’s summer! Yes, you might want to occasionally pull on some tight booty shorts, but wear them 24/7 and you could be creating a problem in the vajayjay. That tight gear shows off your assets but it also gives little breathing room to your lady bits. It actually makes it a warm and cozy world for that bacteria to grow. Go with cotton, looser items for your summer wardrobe and your vajayjay will thank you.

Don’t do the douche We get that you want to makes sure things are clean down there, but the vagina is kinda cool and it can do its own cleaning pretty well. Douching actually interferes with this and throws off the natural balance of bacteria. Hello, irritation and possible infection!

Suit up, and then change into a chic kaftan Splash about in the pool in your tiny bikini but don’t just pop out of the pool and head straight to your chaise longue. Your wet bikini bottom makes it a moist world down there, and you and your crotch will be better if you take a sec to change into some dry clothing.

Now for some bad news…even if you follow all of these tips, you may find yourself coming down with an uncomfortable situation down there. While most of us automatically think, “Uh-oh, yeast infection,” it actually may not be. Research shows that over 66 percent of women who diagnose themselves with a yeast infect were actually incorrect. More common than yeast infections is bacterial vaginosis—and this is key as bacterial vaginosis must be treated with antiobiotics.

Rather than assume you have a yeast infection, wouldn’t you rather treat what you have in the right way and get back to enjoying your summer by figuring out what’s bothering you down there? There’s a new test that can help you do this: VagiSense, and you can get it right in the pharmacy. It helps you determine if what you have is more likely a yeast infection or an infection you should go see your doctor for care for, such as bacterial vaginosis.

Want more info? You can check out more at www.isharemyhealth.ca

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Shop til you drop…

…from an infection, yikes.

Feeling a tad queasy just reading this report on how of 84 reusable shopping bags tested by researchers at the University of Arizona and Loma Linda University, nearly every bag was laden with bacteria, 50 percent of them showed evidence of coliform bacteria (indicating potential raw-meat or uncooked food contamination) and 12 percent featured E. coli.

Shopping shouldn’t make you sick. Add machine or hand washing your super cute reuseable shoppers (we personally love the ones from Blue Q such as this little number here) to the top of your to-do list.

8 Comments June 25, 2010

Turkish delight

Hot yoga is not for me, but I’ve accidentally found myself in a “reduced heat” class more than a few times and walking over the grubby floor in my bare feet made me shudder — the thought of the floor covered in a cocktail of everyone’s sweat, blech.

If I were to suddenly take up hot yoga, though, I’d be investing in a Baktuli towel. This Vancouver-based company’s line of 100% Turkish premium cotton terry towels feature Microban for antimicrobial protection — at least I’d have a little more peace of mind after tip toeing onto my mat with Baktuli layered over top.

The current collection features six styles, each displaying a positive message. My favourite style is this Sun Orange number…but I’d probably have to customize mine to read “Some like it hot (just not me).”

Baktuli yoga towel series, $48 each.

3 Comments March 30, 2010

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