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Speed and smarts

I’m a much faster runner than a few years ago — and it turns out that I’m smarter, too, or at least a better learner (but let’s just say super duper intelligent…).

See, a study from UCLA conducted on mice found that running and learning use the same brain waves. The pattern of these brain waves are controlled by attention and learning, but they’ve found that they’re also governed by how fast you’re running. The study found that when the mice ran faster, there was a spike in these brain waves.

More incentive for speed training :)

(and I seriously need these Nike Free+ 2 in this colour — hot!)

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“It’s not my fault, my brain is just too big…”

I swear that sometimes I have mild form of ADD. I get distracted way too easily (and Twitter sure ain’t helping matters). But now I’d like to think it’s because I’ve just got too much brain:

Researchers at University College London have found that people who are distracted easily have more grey matter in their left superior parietal lobe.

So next time the boss lady catches you not paying attention in a meeting, tell her your brain is just too big for you to handle. Try it–I’m sure she’ll just love that. :)

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