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The most beautiful age

Kate Hudson

Women are at their most beautiful at the age of 31, according to a new study from QVC. Which means leading ladies Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Love Hewitt are all apparently currently at their gorgeousness peak.

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Freeze frame

Considering Botox to turn back the hands of time? Know that the treatment may not only hinder other people from understanding your emotional expressions, but that it may also hinder your brain’s ability to process and comprehend emotions, according to findings to be published in Psychological Science.

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Sun smart

I confess: I don’t wear sunscreen every day.

My makeup may or may not contain SPF (I’m always trying new products so nothing is ever used consistently) but on the average day, nope, no sunscreen. To clarify, I apply the stuff if I am going out for run or know I’ll be sitting on a patio or have plans for any other activity that’ll have me outside for any length of time, but for the most part I’m an indoors kinda girl (my views on camping are in line with Beauty Geek Janine’s). Still, I should have better sun smarts.

Here’s the thing: (1) I am lazy. And adding the extra step of applying sunscreen to my routine will mean that I’ll be rushing out the door even later than usual. And (2) most of the facial sunscreens I’ve tried have an unappealing greasy feel.

So I was particularly pleased that Neutrogena‘s new Ultra-Sheer Water-Light Daily Face Sunscreen SPF 45 ($12.99) lives up to its name and claims–it is very lovely worn under makeup and it is uber light. And while the sunscreen still has a slight sunscreen scent, the fragrance reminds me of  the beach, and puts me in a summer state of mind.

Note: It comes in SPF 60, too, so fair-skinned ladies and gents can get the protection they need.

Please: do as I say, not as I do (well, come to think of it, now I do wear sunscreen every day, thanks to Neutrogena — so, yes, please do do as I do!).

(yes, I said do do).

9 Comments May 24, 2010

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