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Fitness Swellness: Fit childhood linked to better brain function as an adult

junior high dance recital

What were your activities growing up? Soccer? Ballet? Tennis? I dabbled briefly in swimming and gymnastics, but mostly I took dance (jazz ballet and hip hop) and then later on did some cheerleading — all here, let’s cheer! (Feast your eyes on the #throwbackthursday gem above from a junior high dance recital — that’s me front and centre in the denim cutoffs over black tights).

A new study published in Psychological Medicine has found that people who exercise regularly as a kid and an adult have better cognitive functioning at age 50 (specifically for memory and executive functioning — the test for that involved naming as many animals as possible in 60 secs).

The greatest benefits come from intensive exercise (but lower intensity exercise does help, too).

Whatcha waitin’ for? Get your workout on. I’m gonna put on some Debbie Gibson and practice some of old choreographies (wouldja believe I actually still remember many of the steps!?).

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Go with the grain

Feed on a diet high in fibre (whole grains in particular) and you’ll live longer, according to new research from Archives of Internal Medicine.

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Look young sans cosmetic surgery

Needles and scalpels scare the begeezus outta you–now here’s a way to make 40 the new 30 without a doctor’s help: 

Surround yourself with good old friends pronto–“old” being the key word here. Hanging around with older people will cause others to estimate your age to be younger than you are, says research from Jena University. It seems when we see many older faces and then see a younger face, we estimate the young ‘uns age as substantially lower.

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