Swellness Sundays: Church Aperitivo’s gnocco fritto

November 11, 2012

(Anything I find swell. Posted on Sundays. Real scientific, I know…)

A few months ago, I got to try out a too-many-courses-to-keep-count-of meal at Church Aperitivo. And while everything was delicious, the one menu item I’m still dreaming about? The gnocco fritto. You take the fried, warm dumpling, tear it open and stuff the stracchino cheese and proscuitto inside, and it becomes a slightly melty pocket of gourmet goodness.


(The polenta fries get a more than honourable drool-worthy mention, too. And the killer cocktails — The Saint is a favourite, although they go down way too easily :)

Be sure to look up from the food you’re devouring to check out the cool ceiling (the space is a former church); oh, and you might luck out with some good old school hip hop playing like we did that night (if you head on over later in the night, it evolves into a nightclub vibe, just FYI.)

Church Aperitivo Bar, 1090 Queen St. West (at Dovercourt).

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