Style Swellness: Zara launches online shopping

March 6, 2013


The day is herrrrrrrre! Zara launches their Canadian e-commerce site today, whee!

I’m not typically an online shopper when it comes to clothes (I really like to see how pieces fit on me and to touch the fabrics) but having received an invite to shop pre-launch, and being pretty familiar with how Zara’s clothing fits–I have a feeling I’ll be shopping online much more often now. Plus, there’s a new app, too, so shopping on your smartphone or tablet is even more streamlined.


Standard delivery is free for orders $50+ (or you can pick up your order in store for free delivery, too). Same return policy as shopping in person, that is 30 days for returns or exchanges. And yes, you can return or exchange items bought online in store (I personally much prefer that over mailing back items).

Lucky me, I was invited to shop the new site and my order should arrive today. I’ll anxiously be awaiting the courier! I’ll post my buys on Instagram (You can find me there @healthandswellness).

ZARA shoes

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  • 1. Iva  |  March 6, 2013 at 8:06 AM

    Why is the model again so emaciated? Wasn’t it exactly Spain (Zara is Spanish as far as I remember) that banned models who are below certain BMI? Anyway, the vision behind the ad is good.

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