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February 5, 2010

I hate to use the term “think outside of the box” (it gives me the heebie-jeebies), but a blog post written by Stephanie Klein that I read months ago really got me thinking out of the box when it comes to me.  
What she wrote comes to mind when it comes to the clothing I apparently always gravitate toward (“Oh, that’s so Karen” says my sister whenever I show her a new purchase) or when I’m being forced to do something I’d much rather not (say, dealing with computer tech support, for example, because anything IT-related simply is not my forte) and I truly just wish G. would handle it because it should be considered one of his responsibilities.

Anyhow, I keep returning to reread Klein’s post every so often when I need a little nudge, and I thought it was worth sharing. (It does take awhile to get to the good stuff, but be patient and read it through).


 P.S. On another note, country style is back in a big way, according to Canadian House & Home, and I’m totally crushing on these rustic boxes (above) from The Broken House.

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