Race report: Sporting Life 10k 2012

May 14, 2012

Yesterday morning I ran the Sporting Life 10k. 10k — not a big deal in the normal scheme of things as I usually run that at least once a week, but this is just one week after my first marathon (a marathon is 42.2 kilometres for the non-runners reading this).

The few marathoners I told I was planning on running the 10k race just one week after my first marathon usually reacted by first looking at me like I’d lost my mind, and then saying that I’d be tired and that I should run it easy. One person just plain told me I was crazy. (Non-marathoners usually replied by saying how short I’d find the race and how easy it would be for me.)

So I was a little anxious about the race, about possibly injuring myself. I’d hobbled about for the first two days after the marathon, but after that I felt that my body felt mostly recovered, but all I had on my mind were the microtears that I know are still in my muscles.

I should mention that it was Nike who offered me the chance to run in the race (I didn’t set out and go on my own accord to purposely run a 10k one week after my marathon) — with it being a sponsored spot, well, it was hard for me to turn down a chance to run a race… So I ignored everything I’ve read about race recovery (including this recent article in the New York Times about how long it takes to recocver from a marathon — as  long as a month mentally!) and I stuck to running the race.

I basically ran it comfortably fast. I could tell almost immediately that my body still had some healing to do (my legs felt tight). I ran comfortably fast for the first 6k and then a bit uncomfortably so (got slightly side stitches) for the last 4k. And I finished with a PB for a 10k, 49:50 (much faster than I expected — I thought I’d finish around 52 minutes if I felt good and 56 minutes if I’d taken on too much post-marathon and was hurting). I essentially had an even split (ie. I ran the first half and second half in almost the same time, less than 30 seconds different), so that’s good (although a negative split at some point in my running endeavours would be sweet).

Post-10k, I kicked back at the Nike VIP lounge where there were virgin mimosas, waffles, cupcakes, bagels and lox and more. Best buffet spread I’ve enjoyed post-race.

Thanks Nike Canada and Apex PR for the chance to run this race!

Now, for a couple of weeks of R&R!

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