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April 11, 2012

Have a friend going through a rough time? Send them a quick text asking how they are and it may help them feel less stressed and less alone, says a study published in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. Sure, texting may be making us all terreble spellers but texting isn’t all bad. (yes, that typo is on purpose — I can spell, most of the time…).

And how about how you’re feeling? A new campaign called Not Myself Today has been launched this month in an effort to raise awareness and understand when it comes to mental health in  Canada. The campaign was spearheaded by Partners for Mental Health, a registered charity supported by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. It was created to help change the way Canadians think and act towards their own mental health and those living with mental health illness.

You can easily show your support by making a virtual pledge visiting Not Myself Today; play with the pinning tool, too, where you can pin your colourful mood on a map of Canada.

Me, today, I’m feeling:

(and I’ve  made my pledge and pinned my mood — why don’t you do the same?)


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