Healthy Swellness: Weight Watchers Malaysian shrimp salad recipe

May 13, 2015

mango shrimp salad

So Weight Watchers 24/7 Chat has been helpful with suggestions for healthier snacking options when I’ve got the craving for chips. Remember how coaches Donna and Rosie chatted with me and helped out with some tips for eating out and snacking at night?

I’ve been using the Weight Watchers site to get inspiration for meals, too. I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately where I’m not in the mood for,well, anything, it seems when it comes to food. Just nothing that comes to mind that’s appealing that I want to cook, maybe it’s the transition of seasons? This happens a few times a year, and I always find myself poring through cookbooks and websites looking for flavours that are different than what I usually have. I’m also always looking for new ways to eat more veggies (and most veggies are 0 points on the Weight Watchers system) so the site’s provided healthy inspiration for that, too.

One of my favourite recipes I’ve found on the Weight Watchers site is this Malaysian shrimp salad recipe. It’s just a bowl full of bright and happy freshness. The zing of the lime and the tropical mango will make you feel like you’re eating this vibrant salad on a gorgeous beach. Bonus: this salad comes together super quickly and easily.

I substituted a jalapeno for the hot green chili pepper and left the shrimp whole (I just prefer them that way). Want to try this recipe (which is 5 points, btw)? You can get the Weight Watchers Malaysian shrimp salad recipe here.

Bon appetit!


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