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March 16, 2016

Wayhome flags at sunset

Alright, hands up if you’ve been WayHome-sick since the festival last summer…I know I had a blast and tickets for this July’s WayHome, the second year of this music and arts fest held at Burl’s Creek, went on sale last month. I won tickets from Tiger of Sweden last year, but I want to be sure I’m going this year so I’ve already snapped up tickets for this year’s fest taking place July 22 to 24, 2016.  


Last year, thanks to Ford Canada, we drove up Friday night in a Focus Titanium. It had plenty of trunk space (we girls can pack a remarkable number of bags for just three days away), and as someone who drives not so frequently, I must admit I appreciate the features it has, such as the blind-spot information system and the lane-keeping system (as I was the only driver, I appreciated the little nudge suggesting I take a rest break when the car sense I was drowsy). Plus, the Focus Titanium has a great sound system: the Sony 10-speaker sound system, which includes a subwoofer and delivers 355 watts of power, so we were able to listen to our favourite music the entire drive up as we were getting hyped up for the concerts we had in store.

FullSizeRender (69)

As for accommodations, since I’ve never camped (other than with my Brownie troop twice as a kid), I didn’t think my first camping experience should be at a crowded music festival in the middle of summer. Although we may have missed out on the fun part of camping with all the other festival peeps, I’m fond of real bathrooms with plumbing and a comfy bed and couldn’t have been more thrilled with the bed and breakfast we booked, Forks in the Trail. The B&B is about a 20-minute drive from Burl’s Creek and getting in and out of the parking lot was never a problem. And we indulged in not only delicious homemade breakfasts but Forks in the Trail also has this fantastic pool here, which was a dream to spend resting up in the morning before heading to the concert grounds. And I’d love to stay there again this year but it’s already fully booked (perhaps I posted it too much last year when I was at WayHome, doh!).


I’m not sure of the details of this year’s fest but the food truck options last year were great. We were expecting to be dining on fatty, greasy fare but there were loads of options, including tasty tacos and freshly pressed juices. I also got into the VIP where the Drake Hotel had their foodie stations set up and we ate like kings as you can see here.


The VIP also had some shade, which was a precious resource as many sunburned festival goers quickly discovered. We  hid out here for a few hours on the Sunday.

accessories game

The Etsy Market was dangerously tempting, with pretty flower crowns, pretty jewelry and the like. (I purchased a gorgeous bracelet from Standing O that I love, the one here with the triangular stone…and promptly lost it right after WayHome, although I’m hoping it’s merely tucked away in a pocket of mine somewhere).


Planning to go to WayHome? My tips:

  • Pack a blanket to sit on. So much more pleasant than sitting and lying right on the grass. I tossed one last minute into the Focus at the last minute and am so glad that I did.
  • Get plenty of sunscreen (and bring a hat) to last you the three days. Shade was sparse, and you don’t want your fest ruined by dealing with a sunburn.
  • Bring antiseptic hand gel and toilet paper. The portapotties on the grounds get a lot of use and better to play it safe by having some supplies with you than end up in one that’s got zero TP when you’re desperate to use the facilities.


  • Download the WayHome app. It’s the best way to keep on top of the fest’s schedule and make sure you don’t miss the acts you want to see.
  • If you’re parking for the day, budget a minimum 15-minute walk to the parking lot. If the set up is the same as last year, it’s not a hop, skip and a jump to your vehicle but a decent hike on a rough gravel path.
  • Plan on having a designated driver if you’re coming just for the day. Or, if you all want to drink, last year, there was a designated driver service on the grounds you could hire (I forget what the cost was).

That’s all for now. If I remember any other helpful tips to making the most of WayHome, I’ll add to this post. I know I’m already counting down the days until this summer’s fest.See you there!

peace out Wayhome

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  • 1. Tanya Whitestone  |  June 16, 2016 at 2:31 PM

    The designated driver company was called Rates DD Service and the cost was around $50 to Barrie. Hats off to Wayhome festival for thinking of everything.

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