Healthy Swellness: Help clean Canada together with Glad Canada

April 21, 2017


With Earth Day coming up (April 22nd!), and it being Canada’s 150th birthday, Glad Canada asked me if I’d be up for helping clean up a part of Toronto, and it was no question at all that I would take part.

I hate litter. I’ve been many a time fuming on the inside but not willing to get into an argument with strangers out in public when I see them litter. In my mailroom in my building, some of my neighbours leave flyers laying about, rather than putting them in the recycling box that’s literally three steps away, and it drives me bananas. I’m regularly swooping those up and tossing them in the blue bin. When I read about David Sedaris’s habit of picking up litter, I identified with his passion for it.

And yet I’ve never picked up trash in public, until now, thanks to this invite from Glad Canada, and I can tell you now it’s pretty satisfying. I set out for the Beaches with my dog, Billie Jean, with some gloves and Glad bags. By Lake Ontario. I spent about 20 minutes picking up (there was straws, plastic bags, newspapers, and more) and it’s incredible what a difference just what my little bit of effort could make.

And if we all just took that small window of time, imagine how much cleaner and beautiful our amazing city would be. I promise you that getting in on this #CleanCanadaTogether action with Glad Canada will make you feel great and make your hometown that much better. Check if there’s Glad community clean-up event in your area, or just go ahead with a friend, or your dog like I did.

Happy Earth Day, and here’s to a cleaner Canada!



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