Foodie Swellness: I’m cooking with Staub

May 9, 2016


So excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Staub!

You know them, or you should know them or what kind of foodie are you? Yes, totally judging you. Just kidding! The French company is famous for their cast-iron cocottes (but they also make ceramic products and kitchen accessories). Their classic cocotte? I’ve been coveting it for years and years and years. I finally buckled down and bought an enameled cast-iron French oven on sale from another brand (a competitor, so they shall remain nameless here, haha!) but I just received the most adorable specialty cocotte from Staub, this tomato! I actually squealed with glee when I opened up the box, how cute is it!?

(And I say I coveted a French oven for years and buckled down to buy one as they cost a few hundred dollars…And yes, I can and have easily dropped more than that on a pair of heels, but yet I hem and haw over it when it’s a cooking product. Priorities, people! I guess I value pretty shoes more, tee he he).

2016 so far is proving to be a busy one for travel for me, so I find that when I am home, I want to cook  more often. Eating out can mean lots of rich foods, and staying in and cooking allows me to feel grounded and truly at home.

Stay tuned as I’ll share the recipes I use when cooking with Staub (this amazeballs tomato cocotte is just one of the products I’m trying out) along with my thoughts on each Staub product.


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