Foodie Swellness: Limited Edition Vintage Ink Merlot Cabernet

September 4, 2016

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Sometimes I shop for wine by reading labels and trying to remember what I’ve learned in various tastings…and sometimes I go by price and pretty label…

The latter strategy has mixed results, but thankfully, this time the pretty label got us a tasty bottle of red, and it’s a limited edition bottle and I love the story behind it.

Six thousand bottles of Merlot Cabernet featuring the Limited Edition Vintage Ink Merlot Cabernet labels were launched last month. Created by Toronto-based tattoo artist Spencer Harrington (his friend Crispin Day has the actual tattoo on his bod), the art won the We Are Made of Stories contest held by the wine brand last year created to find a label for these bottles and allow the artists a chance to showcase their art. At $17.95 a bottle, it fits our wine budget and I enjoy the fruity notes of cherry, blackberry and plum. It’s dry and full-bodied, and is available in Ontario and B.C., so grab a bottle while you can if that’s what you tend to enjoy. Cheers!


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