Foodie Swellness: Enjoying a #tallcoldone

February 27, 2017

kick back with a tall cold one

For the current #tallcoldone campaign, Dairy Farmers of Canada asked me to recreate a vintage beer print ad; a tall cold one doesn’t have to mean a beer after all.

I researched online and found a ton of great ones, but I knew given the timing and other production details I wouldn’t be able to execute them well. For example, I loved ones I found featuring a sunny beach or mountains, but since I’ve been home in Toronto for the past month, that wasn’t a going to be possible (if only I’d known when I was in the Kootenays at Panorama Mountain Resort in January, the Purcell and Rocky Mountains would’ve made the perfect backdrop!).

Then I stumbled across some of the Pabst Blue Ribbon ads from 1957 that fashion photographer Richard Avedon worked on. The slogans for them was “Pabst makes it perfect,” and I knew I had found the one I would recreate.

Pabst Richard Avedon history_vintage_ad_1957c

I love the end result, and had a blast working on this. Now to kick back and, yes, enjoy a tall cold one!

Clothing: Banana Republic. Photographer: Daniela Cancilla.



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