Fitness Swellness: Adidas #RunMore 10k

October 30, 2015


Fall is for many runners the best season for running. The cooler temperatures are more comfortable for working up a sweat and you can often run at a faster pace. For runners new to the sport, though, sometimes the cooler temperatures can sometimes be intimidating, and they may put off running until the spring. But this Sunday, November 1st, Adidas is challenging Toronto to #runmore.

And we essentially don’t have a good excuse not to. After all, November 1st is the day we turn the clocks back an hour. The 10k race kicks off at 1 a.m., and one hour later at 2 a.m. is when we turn the clocks back. Which means we’ll have taken advantage of that extra hour to fit in more running, and we’ll be done and celebrating the race at the same time the race started. Pretty wicked race concept.


As much as running a race that kicks off at 1 a.m. sounds fun and exciting it’s also a bit daunting, even for a night owl like myself (it brings up all sorts of running issues, like when to fuel, for example, and for non-night owls, how to make sure they’re not sleepy come go-time!). But we have a post-race party to look for with DJs and beer, not to mention a bold looking medal. The race kit itself is also pretty sweet. And proceeds from the race go to the Canadian Olympic Foundation, so runners can feel good about their funds going to help Canadian athletes.


The race is less than 48 hours away and I hope you’re registered already because it has indeed sold out. My race plan? With the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon just two weeks prior, I’m not prepared to go full out; my body still needs for me to give it a bit of a rest and stick to an easy pace for at least another week. Also, I want to make sure I’m prepared and healthy for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half-Marathon that I’m running two weeks after this Adidas #RunMore 10k.


Can’t wait to see everyone in the late hours of Halloween night to run out and back on the Martin Goodman Trail along Lake Shore Blvd. — be sure to wear your best reflective run gear so we can glow in the dark together (I’ll be in this outfit here; the jacket sleeves are highly reflective, which will great for this night race, and I’m liking the Energy Boost sneakers, they’re light on my feet and I love the crisp colour way)! And be sure to check back next week on the blog for my race report.

For more details on the race, check out


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