Fitness motivator: Nike FuelBand

November 6, 2012

For the past week, you may have noticed me tweeting about earning NikeFuel (and if you don’t follow me on Twitter, well, whatcha waitin’ for? Really? I’m @healthswellness).

Last week, the Nike+ Fuelband launched in Canada. The band measures not just your steps (this ain’t no mere pedometre, people), but all movement (well, not swimming as it’s not waterproof). The more you move, the more NikeFuel you earn (that’s a measure the smart folks at Nike created — and I say smart because I think you’ll quickly become totes obsessed with your daily earnings of Fuel as I am!).

I already run regularly and walk to most of my destinations in the city. But since I’ve strapped that Fuelband onto my arm, I find myself doing weights as I watch TV, and making sure I manage my time better so that I can walk to the movie theatre rather than take the streetcar BECAUSE IT’LL EARN ME MORE FUEL. It’s all about the Fuel, baby.

(and I’m not the only one — I saw a fellow writer friend who was also at the launch event and she, too, had it on her wrist and confessed to being Fuel-focused since she slapped that puppy onto her wrist, too).



At the launch event in Toronto, there was a cool Parkour-ish demo by some fit guys. I thought it was slightly less cool when I was expected to do modified versions of their acrobatic moves. In my skinny jeans. Yikes. But I was on Team Subban (that’s P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens) and he was pumped up for our team to rack up the most fuel. (Alas, I had to get my sweaty self to another event, so I don’t know if Team Subban came out on top).

And if you’re wondering if you can wear it on your ankle, it’s not designed for this (I suppose technically you could, but it’s not recommended, plus you’d have to choose a band size for your ankle, which will then be too big to ever wear on your wrist).

Not clear on what movements earn you Fuel? Check out this video from Nike.


The Nike Fuelband, $149, is available at select Nike and Apple stores.



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  • 1. Lindsay  |  November 6, 2012 at 4:48 PM

    I want one. The end.

  • 2. healthandswellness  |  November 6, 2012 at 4:54 PM

    Yup. You do. Next time we hang out, you’ll see me pressing it to check what Fuel level I’m at. Full-on obsessed, I tell ya!

  • 3.  |  November 6, 2012 at 5:35 PM

    Sounds great! Can it work with NikePlus?

  • 4. healthandswellness  |  November 6, 2012 at 11:05 PM

    Do you mean the Nike+ Running app? If you just use the app, you do earn Nike Fuel (it’s been tracking that for awhile, as I can see I have close to one million in Nike Fuel). The idea of the Fuelband is that you earn Fuel no matter what activity/movement you are doing, so it motivates you to move more throughout your day as you wear it all day and night.

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