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Beauty Swellness: The power of scent


A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Terre Bleu Lavender Farm thanks to Pine-Sol, and it was all to learn about the power of scent. Fragrance is, of course, a big industry not just when it comes to the perfume you wear but also in products you use, including your household cleaners like Pine-Sol.

I learned from Lauren Otis (of Pine-Sol R&D) and David Ballingall (of International Flavours and Fragrance) that they take inspiration from a range of categories, including fashion, food and beverage and home care. Clorox (the maker of Pine-Sol) works with the 3Ds in mind, that is desire, decide, delight when developing a product’s scent: they work to understand a consumer’s needs, and aim to surpass expectations when it comes to that need, which results in delight, which leads to desire for the product and, if all goes well, the consumer will decide to buy that product once again.


Lavender Pine-Sol, which has been on the market for a few years, came about because lavender exudes a clean freshness, and there is much research about its aromatherapy benefits. Otis and Ballingal spoke about how scent helps us interpret the world around us, and how it can evoke memories and transport us to another time and place. We all know how true that can be; a scent that always takes me back to my childhood is the scent of lilacs because we used to have lilac trees in our backyard.

If you’ve wondered how developing fragrance for bath and body differs from that of a ¬†household cleaner, Otis and Ballingal said factors such as strength, bloom and substantivity come into consideration. What’s that mean? Well, this will help paint the picture a little better: while you might want some lingering scent from your body wash, it is possible you don’t want the lasting fragrance to be too strong since you may also be applying body lotion, perfume and hairspray and any number of other products after your shower. For your household cleaner, on the other hand, a longer lasting fragrance is what many of us want since that fresh scent will come to denote a clean bathroom, for example, for you and your family and any visitors.

Learning about the power of scent was all that much more lovely since we were doing it while dining on a delicious citrus and lavender-infused lunch at the pretty Terre Bleu farm (where I’m definitely returning next summer before the lavender has been harvested!). Lunch complete, we toured the farm and were sent home with lovely lavender goodies, including of course, Pine-Sol to get our homes clean and fresh.



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Beauty Swellness: My Miu Miu-inspired nails for the Calgary half-marathon

Miu Miu nails close-up
My nails are more ready for my upcoming race (the Calgary Marathon half-marathon) than I am! So you know, the usual. More on that after the race.
As for my nails, I usually wait closer to race day to get my “marathon mani” at Tips Nail Bar but I’m traveling this week so I had to go today.I didn’t have a look in mind but was chatting with a friend on the weekend who suggested a look from the spring runway (one that was fun but possibly too cartoon-y to have on my digits for a few weeks). But then I remembered that I was fond of some of the prints in the Miu Miu SS16 collection.

Miu Miu SS16 look 37
I narrowed it down to these two looks and today, Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar did her thing (aka made my nail art look come to life). The pattern is quite detailed so it took awhile and Melissa Forrest joined in and completed one hand while Leeanne worked on the other hand.
Miu Miu SS16 look 17
The nail colours used: a custom lavender shade Leeanne created, Shellac in Black Pool and Powder Puff, and Artistic Color Gloss in Posh.
Miu Miu nails
The look is light but not too feminine and soft. In other words, exactly what I was hoping for.
Nails done. Now to prep mentally for my 15th half-marathon!
Oh, and happy 10th anniversary Tips Nail Bar! Sorry to miss out on the celebrations!
(Miu Miu SS16 runway images,

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Beauty Swellness: Burt’s Bees x Pink Tartan Bee Chic tee


This spring, you can your support for the hardworking bee with this cute Bee Chic tee, a collaboration between Burt’s Bees and Pink Tartan. For each tee sold, Burt’s Bees and Wildlife Preservation Canada will plant 10,000 wildflowers in support of bee health and sustainability.

Each $49 tee comes with two of the new Natural Lipsticks from Burt’s Bees (Tulip Tide and Iced Iris).


You can help by planting wildflowers — this contributes towards a healthy bee population. No space to plant wildflowers yourself? This Bee Chic tee makes your do-good ¬†by the bees task simple (and pretty!).

Available online at, at Pink Tartan stores, H Projects stores in Holt Renfrew and at select London Drugs locations.


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