Beauty Swellness: The Nail Report: My leopard-print mani

December 11, 2013

leopard love

Nail-art craving: I went through a phase of loving everything leopard print, that was probably about 10 years ago. And my passion for this print appears to be back with a vengeance as everything I buy lately seems to be leopard (from a Nike sweatshirt I picked up last month in NYC to my C Wonder iPhone case above). And when I saw a friend’s leopard manicure on Instagram a few weeks ago, I knew I needed the same.

How I satisfied that craving: Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar took my leopard print wish and ran with it, creating this little number here: half -moons in Shellac Black Pool, the gold base is Entity Vintage Couture, and the leopard spots she did using Black Pool and Shellac Cream Puff. At the end she added a line in Bluetiful to help define the gold polish from the stripe of negative space below it.

How this nail art makes me feel: Like I need a whole new wardrobe. One that’s got loads of pieces that are tighter. And shorter. And shinier.

Love it or hate it: Like? It’s a bit in your face (yes, this is the girl who adored her superhero nails calling this a bit in your face). But with the right outfit and jewelry, this mani is hawt.

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  • 1. Health & Swellness &r&hellip  |  December 12, 2013 at 7:16 AM

    […] P.S. Let’s see what Roanokians (?) think of my leopard-print nails! […]

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