Beauty Swellness: The Miracle 10 Peel

June 5, 2013

Miracle 10 products

You know what never gets tired? Hearing, “You look great!”

And lately, I’ve been hearing that a lot. Not trying to brag. I know it’s not because I’m well rested (poor zzz’s for months now) or exude energy (see “poor zzz’s”). And then it dawned on me the main thing I’ve added to my routine as of late: the Miracle 10 Peel.


I had a series of four peels (complimentary, full disclosure) over the past 12 weeks or so. Ideally, you should have one every two weeks, but between going to the Caribbean three times this winter (after being in the sun, you should avoid a peel for at least a week) and just regular ol’ life getting in the way, well, I ended up needing three months to complete four peels.

The peel is unlike any other I’ve tried. Here’s what happens in a Miracle 10 Peel:

  • Your skin is cleansed of makeup.
  • Miracle 10 Solution 1 (which contains glycolic acid of 3%) is then used to further cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin.
  • Next medical-grade acetone is swiped on your skin. This degreases the skin, explains Ann from Miracle 10, and helps prep it for the next step…
  • Which is dermablading. Yes, you have sharp blade swept across your face. “It removes the top layers of dead skin, which encourages skin-cell turnover and makes it easier for the glycolic acid to penetrate the skin, says Ann. I worried about it taking off fine facial hair and it growing back looking thicker (visions of a Teen Wolf situation), but Ann assures me that hair naturally taper to its original fineness after being shaved off with the dermablade). Phew!
  • Acid comes next. For your first visit, most people get the lactic acid, and subsequent peels are usually glycolic acid (ranging in strength from 20% to 70%); the acid peel is on for two minutes and then rinsed off.
  • Then, the Miracle 10 mask. It’s clay-based, and contains ingredients such as lavender and methol, and you get to snooze a little as it’s left on for eight to 10 minutes.
  • And now another nifty element you likely haven’t tried before: your face is swiped with a piece of dry ice. The dry ice is antibacterial and the cooling helps to tighten the pores and any loosened bits of dead skin get swept up by the dry ice.
  • Almost done now; all that’s left is the tech applying some sunscreen and an eye treatment cream.

The Miracle 10 Peel is good for most anyone looking for radiant skin. Sensitive skin types can tolerate it; if you’re acne prone, the tech will skip the dermablade . You’ll notice glowier skin (yes, I can attest to it), smoother skin (yep, that, too!) and hyperpigmentation will be reduced (Maybe? On me, I’m not sure on that benefit thus far).

Am I hooked? I just might be. When you try things like great facials and peels for work, there’s that darn way you can easily get addicted to these sometimes pricey treatments. A bit of a work hazard (but I’m not complaining).

Miracle 10 Peel, $125 ($375 for a package of four)

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